January 2021 Higher Ed Newsletter


Stuart Draper, CEO of Stukent, Inc.
Stuart Draper, CEO

Hi All!

Happy New Year!

We’ve got so much cooking for you:

LMS integration — it is done and we’re already testing Canvas LMS integration
ADA compliance — we’ve built an audio reader and an auto-translator for our simulations and e-textbooks
FOUR new simulations — Mimic Consumer Behavior, Mimic Market Research, Mimic Digital Marketing Analytics, and Mimic Public Relations will all be in beta the first half of this year and fully available this summer
Mimic Pro and Mimic Social — both simulations are getting major redesigns and functionality updates

We’ve been working hard to bring these new features and products to you.

Stukent is also creating a new support program for educators called Virtual TAs. Stay tuned for more information.

I wish I could share everything on the road map for 2021 but more details are to come!

Best wishes,





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