January 2021 High School Newsletter


Stukent CEO, Stuart Draper
Stuart Draper, CEO

Hi All!

Happy New Year!

We’ve got so much cooking for you:

LMS integration – it is done and we’re already testing our Canvas LMS integration.

ADA Compliance – we’ve built an audio reader and an auto-translator for our simulations and etextbooks.

Mimic Intro and Mimic Social are both getting a major redesign and functionality updates.

We’ve been working on all of that in 2020.

Stukent is also working on a new support program for educators called Virtual TAs. Stay tuned for more on that.

I wish I could already share what is on the road map for all of 2021. Stay tuned for that.

Best wishes,




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Social Media Marketing Education Facebook Group

Mimic Personal Finance Facebook Group

Prepare to teach social media marketing by collaborating with 800+ high school business teachers from all over the country.

Connect with other instructors and learn best practices for using the simulation in your personal finance class.

Free Video Lectures for Mimic Personal Finance

Request access to see 30 video lectures designed to help you teach personal finance using Mimic Personal Finance. They’re great for teaching online, too!


Blog:  15 tips for teaching business analytics

Check out the top 15 tips for teaching business analytics from academic and industry leaders.

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Stukent Teacher of the Month for January 2021: Hilary Wimmer

Hilary earned her Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from the University of Colorado where she majored in Marketing and minored in Leadership. Since that time, she obtained a Masters Degree in Educational Counseling, a Career and Technical Education Certification through Colorado State University, and an Educational Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership. She is a licensed Colorado Career and Technical Education Educator, School Counselor, and Principal. 



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