5 ways to dominate mimic pro

5 Ways To Dominate The Mimic Pro Simulation – And How To Do The Same In The Real World

It can be nerve racking to create your first PPC ad campaign, knowing that you could use your company’s money and never see any return from it. Especially, if you have no experience with it and all you have done is read about how to do it. The Mimic Pro Simulation better prepares the internet marketers of the future, so they can go into the field with experience and confidence. The Mimic Pro simulation is an amazing way for students to apply what they learn in their internet marketing courses in a controlled simulated environment without risking real money. Many of the skills needed to create a successful real-world PPC ad campaign are the same skills that are required to create a successful PPC ad campaign in the Mimic Pro simulation. So, let’s get right to it. Here are five ways to help you dominate in the Mimic Pro simulation, and in the real-world.

1 – Better Keyword Research

You can never overestimate the importance of keyword research for a PPC ad campaign. Having the right keywords is critical to your success. So, how do you perform good keyword research? Here are a couple things to consider. Put yourself in the searchers shoes and think about what the searchers intent is, and then categorize your keywords into three main groups; buyers, researchers, and browsers. Use keywords in the categories that best fit the goal of your campaign. Then ask yourself this question about the keywords you have categorized and considered using. Will the searcher find what they are looking for if they click on my ad after searching for that keyword?

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2 – Relevancy

Your keywords, ads, and landing pages need to be consistent and relevant to each other. For example, if you are using the keyword “canon camera” you will want to use that phrase in your ad and high on your landing page content. It is not good idea to use keywords that are not directly related to your ad. You need to deliver what you promise in your ads. If your ad says you are selling Canon cameras, offer free shipping, or a 10% off sale, then you better make those things are on the landing page your ad is linked too.

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3 – Never Stop Testing

Testing new ads, landing pages, and keywords are the life of an internet marketer. Try new things and see what works, and then make adjustments and test again. You can create several ads for one ad group in the Mimic Pro simulation, just like you can in Google AdWords. Make sure to take advantage of this, and always be trying to improve your ad copy and landing page content.

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4 – Know What The Data Represents

Make sure you understand what everything means in the data produced from your PPC ad campaigns. If you are unfamiliar with a term or phrase, don’t just skim past it. Look up unfamiliar words to learn what they are and how you can apply that data to improve your campaigns.

Expert Tip: How to make data-driven decisions with PPC with Zach Olsen (Expert Session)

5 – Use Your Resources

In the Mimic Pro simulation, it is essential that you take the time to go over the resources given to you. Watch the introduction videos to help you get familiar with the platform and read all the content and directions given to you in the simulation. In the real world, there are also many resources and excellent third party tools to help you with keyword research and analytics. Some of these third-party tools include:

  • SEMRush.com (see keywords for which you and your competitors currently rank)
  • KeywordTool.io (type in a seed keyword like “fishing” and a generated list of similar search terms)
  • KeywordSpy.com (find out who are your competitors)

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Mimic Pro Domination Bonus Tips

BONUS TIP #1: Sell brands that are profitable, and not just popular.

BONUS TIP #2: Allocate more budget to your more successful PPC ad campaigns.

These are just five of the many things you can do to dominate in the Mimic Pro simulation and in a real PPC ad campaign.

We want to know what you have done to dominate in the Mimic Pro simulation. Share some of your tips in the comments below!


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