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In these assignments, students will:

  • Interact with artificial intelligence tools

  • Build out content and strategies utilizing AI and AR

Public Relations

This assignment helps students recognize how to turn around reputation crisis into a success.

by Kelly Crane

This is a collection of AI assignments ideas for integrated marketing communications courses.

Public Relations

In this assignment, students will analyze the public relations strategies used by Taylor Swift* in her product launches and identify the key lessons that can be applied in the field of PR. The final assignment will be submitted as an essay or slide show presentation (student preference) and will show a thorough analysis of the “Midnights” launch, clearly show strategic relevance and key lessons learned, and research to support a strategic communication plan for a product of their choosing based on the lessons learned from Taylor Swift.

*Taylor Swift does not endorse, sponsor, or have any affiliation with Stukent and/or Stukent’s products.

Social Media Marketing

In this assignment, students will:

  • Analyze a brand that went viral for creating creative job postings and why they worked

  • Create their own creative job postings to try and attract the right audience for the job

Supply Chain

Pink is taking over the world. In a creative tale of brand revitalization and repositioning efforts, Mattel® and the iconic Barbie®* brand are preparing themselves for a return to the main stage. The Barbie movie debuts in July 2023 and is expected to be one of the biggest hits of the summer. With so much attention surrounding the iconic brand, Mattel anticipates a boost in sales.

*Stukent is not at all affiliated with Barbie® or Mattel®

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