Download Your Free Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality Social Media Assignments

In these assignment, students will:

  • Interact with artificial intelligence tools

  • Build out content and strategies utilizing AI and AR

Assignments include

AR Social Media Filter Challenge

The objective of this activity is to engage students in hands-on exploration of augmented reality (AR) technology and its application in social media marketing while fostering creativity and collaboration.

AI or AR Driven Social Media Strategy

The objective of this assignment is to explore the potential of artificial intelligence in social media marketing and develop an AI or AR-driven social media strategy for a specific brand or organization.

Exploring Social media Content Creation with AI Writing Tools

Gain hands-on experience in social media content creation using AI-powered writing tools, such as ChatGPT or a similar free content writing platform. Understand the capabilities and limitations of AI in generating engaging and creative social media content.

Try-on Experience: Explore AR Shopping Lenses

Explore how brands leverage augmented reality (AR) lenses for try-on and product visualization, focusing on shopping lenses available on platforms like Snapchat. Engage in a hands-on experience by trying out different products virtually and reflecting on the impact of these lenses on purchasing decisions and brand perception.

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More engagement from your students. Stukent assignments are centered on current trends that are relatable to your students!

More time to teach. We've done a lot of the heavy lifting for you, so now you can teach class the way you've always wanted.

Supplemental material to fill the gaps in your course. This assignment series is free for you to use even if you aren't a current customer.

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