What analytics courseware is the best fit for your classroom?

What analytics courseware is the best fit?

Analytics is the process of discovering, interpreting, and communicating significant patterns in data. Organizations rely on analytics to make data-driven decisions and reduce risk.

 With Stukent’s powerful learning tools, your students will gain cutting-edge analytics skills, hands-on experience, and practical career insights.


Our Analytics Courseware

“Marketing Analytics” is best aligned for an undergraduate course in analytics

“Marketing Analytics” familiarizes students with the fundamentals of using data to make effective marketing decisions. This innovative courseware facilitates comprehensive and realistic understandings of how big data analytics impacts marketing strategies.

Students will learn:
• Data visualization
• A/B testing
• Targeting, segmentation, & positioning

“Business Analytics” is best aligned for business-specific programs and post-grad courses

“Business Analytics” helps students become future industry leaders by combining the fundamentals of analytics with real-world applications in various environments. Students will learn how businesses extract and read data to make beneficial, data-driven decisions.

Students will learn:
Data optimization & visualization
• A/B testing
• Artificial intelligence concepts
• Experimental design

“Digital Marketing Analytics” is best aligned for use after a digital marketing
foundations course (like Digital Marketing Essentials or Marketing Analytics)

“Digital Marketing Analytics: Strategic Decision-Making” helps students learn critical digital marketing analytics skills. This courseware closes the gap between the dynamic, fast-paced world of digital marketing and academia.

Students will learn:
• Critical skills of attribution
• Web & social media analytics
• Data-driven decision-making
• Data optimization & visualization


Mimic Analytics gives students hands-on experience with:

•A/B testing on a website
• Cleaning big data
• Conducting cluster analysis
• Integrating data
• And strategic budgeting

Mimic Digital Marketing Analytics gives students exposure to: 

• Strategically prioritizing analytics projects
• Allocating budget to maximize profits
• Vanity metrics
• A/B testing & web analytics
• And digital marketing decision-making scenarios