Mimic Business Analytics

Data-Driven Vision & Plan



Activities to help students develop skills presenting/communicating analyses.

Introductory round that presents the concepts of Buhi’s data warehouse and data dictionary.

Inclusion of SQL queries to show how datasets connect back to data sources.

Multi-round customer segmentation storyline/elements to fill-out cluster analysis tasks.

Quarterly business review updates as part of the storyline.

*Content subject to change.

Simulation Scenario

In the sim, students play the role of a business analyst at Buhi Supply Co., where they have hands-on experiences transforming and interpreting data. They will experience business scenarios that teach them to connect all stages of data analytics: data transformation/integration, cluster analysis, visualization/storytelling, and A/B testing.

Students will apply these functions in a variety of business scenarios.

Simulation Rounds

Round 1: Fundamentals of Analytics

Round 2: Data Query and Cleaning Basics

Round 3: Advanced Data Query, Transformation, & Integration

Round 4: Supply Chain Cluster Analysis

Round 5: A/B Testing Human Resources Campaigns

Round 6: Select Cloud Service for Customer Satisfaction Surveys & Build Report

Round 7: Advanced Data Integration and Internet of Things (IoT) Analysis

Round 8: Update the Quarterly Business Review

Round 9: Presenting Recommendations

*Content subject to change.

Key Learning Objectives​

  • Execute the processes and techniques of data collection and cleaning
  • Perform data analysis and present results as impactful visualizations
  • Design winning strategies using A/B testing
  • Solve business problems by using data technologies and data management systems
  • Identify data types based on observed values
  • Employ Structured Query Language (SQL) for business decision-making
  • Implement a k-means cluster analysis after classifying its necessary data inputs
  • Demonstrate the benefits of cloud services, and use them to support business activities
  • Apply analytics principles to concrete scenarios, such as working with Internet of Things (IoT) devices
  • Practice effective communication regarding analytics, including report writing and verbal presentations

*Content subject to change.

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