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intro to business simulation
intro to business simulation

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The Intro to Business Simternship gives students hands-on, educational experiences with essential business practices. Students enter a rotational program at the fictional company, Buhi Supply Co., and work in the human resources, supply chain, sales, marketing, and finance departments.

Key Simulation

Learning Objectives:

Over sixteen unique rounds, students will:

Intro to Business learning objectives

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Articulating value propositions

Creating effective marketing strategies

Building a strong supply chain

Attracting top talent

Securing business financing & accounting frameworks

Managing operations

Articulating value propositions
Building a strong supply chain
Attracting top talent
Managing operations
Creating effective marketing strategies
Securing business financing
Intro to Business Text
Intro to Business text
Intro to Business text resources
Intro to Business text TOC Table of contents
Intro to Business syllabus
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An Engaging Business Simulation & Foundational Business Theories Packed in One Supercharged Bundle

Mimic Intro to Business simulation + "Intro to Business" courseware

Mimic Intro to Business Simulation

Ready. Set. Learn. The Mimic Intro to Business simulation gives students hands-on, educational experiences with essential business practices. Students enter a rotational program at the fictional company, Buhi Supply Co., and work in the human resources, supply chain, sales, marketing, and finance departments.

Key Simulation Learning Objectives:

Establish recruitment strategies to increase high-quality applicants.

Select employee benefits to improve employee satisfaction.

Identify ideal candidates for open positions.

Allocate inventory among retailers.

Replace product components to decrease production costs.

Choose on-brand retailers to maximize profit.

Create value propositions and record elevator pitches. 

Provide constructive feedback for elevator pitches.

Address buyer objections. 

Recommend buyer personas that align with marketing strategies.

Recommend marketing concepts to target buyer personas.

Create positioning statements that target buyer personas.

Allocate ad spend for marketing campaigns.

Forecast operating income. 

Calculate break-evens for and select ideal investments and promotions.

Answer questions regarding business concepts.

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Table of Contents & Key Learning Objectives

Chapter 1: What is a Business?
Define what a business is and describe established and modern business models.

Chapter 2: Thriving in Business
Reflect on the importance of redefining failure, success, and developing resilience while identifying how emotions impact business reality.

Chapter 3: Communicating in Business
Demonstrate how to be an active listener, gain rapport, and adapt communication efforts based on social styles.

Chapter 4: Hiring and Retaining Business
Interpret the value of people for business and illustrate best practices by businesses that are loved by their employees.

Chapter 5: Competing with Operations Management
Define operations management and its roles.

Chapter 6: Building a Strong Supply Chain
Identify what a supply chain is, along with its components and benefits, key performance indicators, and sustainability practices.

Chapter 7: Selling Value
Articulate what a value proposition is and how the sales function supports a business.

Chapter 8: Marketing the Business
Define marketing, where it takes place, and describe the elements of a marketing strategy. 

Chapter 9: Setting up a Digital Presence
Describe a digital presence and assess the impact of content and digital platforms.

Chapter 10: Accounting the Business
Define accounting, its benefits, and explain the importance of using accounting frameworks for financial statements.

Chapter 11: Financing the Business
Differentiate between debt and equity financing, and compare and contrast different sources of funding.

Chapter 12: Managing and Leading for Success
Describe the differences between managers and leaders, and compare different styles of leadership and decision-making.

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About the Author

Laura Muñoz, Ph.D.

Laura Muñoz is an award-winning author who serves as an Associate Professor of Marketing at the University of Dallas. She received her Ph.D. in Business Administration from the University of Texas-Pan American (AACSB accredited, now UT-Rio Grande Valley). She attended the Case Method Workshop at Harvard Business School and the Negotiation Seminar: Dealing with Difficult People at Harvard Law School. She has over fifteen years of experience teaching marketing, entrepreneurship, and professional selling courses and is an international educational speaker and consultant for businesses and universities.

Her research has been published in leading journals such as the Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, Journal of Marketing Education, Marketing Management Journal, Marketing Education Review, and The Journal of Business & Entrepreneurship to mention a few. Some of her awards include the 2021 Best Paper in the Education track and the 2020 Best Paper in the Sales and Sales Management track both at the Society for Marketing Advances Annual Conference, the 2019 Outstanding Researcher and the 2017 Engagement Award at the University of Dallas’ College of Business, and the 2015-2017 Outstanding Service Awards at the National Conference in Sales Management.

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