November 2020 High School Newsletter


Hi, everyone!

There are now almost 100 Stukent employees, and all of us have been working SO HARD to make your lives just a little easier in this challenging time. We put on our Fall Stukent Digital Summit, a digital marketing analytics workshop, and we’re launching a brand new public relations courseware that you or your colleagues can use at the start of next year. Take time to review that stuff, and other helpful information, in this month’s newsletter. November is the month of gratitude in the United States. I’m so thankful for all of you and what you’re doing for your students and the world as a whole.



Introducing a BRAND NEW SIMULATION: Mimic Public Speaking, the presentation tool that saves precious class time, helps you grade faster, and creates a deeper relationship with your students.

Watch the introductory webinar to learn how to help your students deliver high quality presentations and produce better work using the Mimic Public Speaking tools.

2020 BPA Challenge Winners

400 students competed in the BPA Stukent Social Media Marketing Challenge using Mimic Social. Here are the winners:

1st Place – Ava Czerniach
Bernards Township School District
New Jersey

2nd Place – Kylie Lucas
Miami Valley Career Technology Center

3rd Place – Genevieve Jarrell
Blue Valley High School

Congratulations to the winners!


Social Media Marketing Education Facebook Group

Mimic Personal Finance Facebook Group

Prepare to teach social media marketing by collaborating with 800+ high school business teachers from all over the country.

Connect with other instructors and learn best practices for using the simulation in your personal finance class.

Free Video Lectures for Mimic Personal Finance

Request access to see 30 video lectures designed to help you teach personal finance using Mimic Personal Finance. They’re great for teaching online, too!


Help your students answer the question “What do I put on my resume if I have no work experience?”

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Learn about online data and how to teach your students about protecting theirs.

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Cheryl Coughlin, MEd, has been teaching for over 35 years at secondary and post-secondary schools in Boston, Massachusetts, and Maine. Currently, she is a special education teacher and case manager. She also teaches personal finance, accounting, and investing to juniors and seniors at R.W. Traip Academy in Kittery, Maine.



Catch up on industry updates and new trends in digital marketing!


In this video, Paul shows us behind the influencer marketing curtain. Learn about brand authenticity and how to measure the success of an influencer marketing campaign.

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Inbound Strategist at HubSpot Sam Hirbod walks through the steps necessary to set SMART goals. Learn how you can become a better goal setter!

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