July 2021 High School Newsletter

Founder’s Note

Stukent CEO, Stuart Draper
Stuart Draper, CEO

Hi Everyone!

When you consider the brand Under Armour, what would you say was their original, defining product? A spandex shirt for under football pads, right? What product would you say defines them now? Is it still the same thing? Any specific product? They do everything from golf pants to hunting jackets. When Under Armour was approaching $1 Billion in annual sales for the first time, the founder, Kevin Plank said, “We haven’t built our defining product yet.” At Stukent, we got our name and reputation around first-in-the-world digital marketing courseware. That was what initially defined us. I’m very excited to say that we haven’t built our defining product yet. There’s so much more that we can do as we fulfill our mission to “help educators help students help the world.”

If you’re aware of any gaps in the high school space where you feel we can develop simulations and courseware that will help, please let us know at [email protected].

Thanks for all you do to use the best educational materials for your students.

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Stukent’s Summer Professional Development Webinars

Be prepared from day one with Stukent trainings. learn how to set up your course, navigate simulations, and grade your student’s work.

Prep Period

Listen to Stukent’s Prep Period podcast. You’ll get tips and quick wins to implement in your classroom tomorrow! Check it out here.

Robert Moore, high school business teacher at Morris Knolls teaches how to successfully implement simulations into your classroom and more!

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Educator and small business developer Vanita Lee-Tatum reveals how to create epic and engaging content and how to teach students to do the same.

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Online Communities

Mimic Personal

This community is for connecting educators who use Stukent’s Mimic Personal Finance simulation. Join to discuss and share ideas for using this educational tool in the classroom.

Social Media Marketing Education

This group is for high school educators to discuss, collaborate, and share best practices for teaching social media. Please contribute ideas, ask questions, and create conversations.


Do you know of a credit union in your area that might be interested in sponsoring your school’s full access to Mimic Personal Finance courseware? Share this link ➝ https://www.stukent.com/sponsorship/


Stukent’s first High School Product Launch included major announcements. Learn about the new social media marketing certification and updates to the Mimic Social and Mimic Personal Finance simulations.

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Congratulations to the Stukent + DECA Social Media Marketing Challenge winners.

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Teacher of the Month

Jesse Zitrin is a native San Franciscan and has lived and worked in the Bay Area most of my life. In 2008 Jesse earned his Master’s in Sport Management at the University of San Francisco and started working at Juma Ventures. Juma is a social enterprise dedicated to helping youth through college and out of poverty, by employing them in wholly-owned stadium concessions operations. As the business manager, he worked on hundreds of events at Giants, A’s, Warriors, 49ers, Raiders, and Cal Bears games, and saw close-up how high schoolers think, learn, work, and feel in the real world. It also showed him the power of business as an authentic teaching tool.

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Industry Updates

Catch up on industry updates and new trends in digital marketing!

Expert Sessions Library

Joseph Clarkson, PR veteran at Taylor, shares with us how he uses the eight elements of a PR plan in his day to day job. 

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