How To Create Epic & Engaging Content with Vanita Lee-Tatum

Vanita Lee-Tatum - Entrepreneurship Educator, Small Business Developer, & Visual Artist



In this episode of the Prep Period Podcast, educator and small business developer Vanita Lee-Tatum reveals how to create epic and engaging content and how to teach students to do the same. She also discusses how she and her students use the Later App to schedule out social media posts and help navigate some of the complexities of creating and posting effective content.

Listen to learn more about Vanita’s 5 elements to creating an engaging post:

  1. Include a relevant visual.
  2. Make sure to include your target audience in each social post.
  3. Have a clever caption.
  4. Utilize purposeful hashtags.
  5. Strategically include a call to action (CTA).

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Speaker: Vanita Lee-Tatum - Entrepreneurship Educator, Small Business Developer, & Visual Artist


Vanita Lee-Tatum is a visual artist, educator, and small business developer. For more than ten years, Vanita advanced banking initiatives for small businesses in the Bay Area.
Today she uses the skills acquired during her time as a Banking VP to help organizations create financial growth. Vanita is passionate about helping young entrepreneurs develop the skills to build community, and execute strategies to start and grow their own businesses.


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