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Live trainings are a great place to come and have your specific questions answered. However, we know you’re busy and might not be able to attend. Every webinar is recorded for your benefit. If you can’t join us live check back here to see what you’ve missed! 

Stukent Personal Finance & Curriculum 

Stukent Social & Marketing Strategies

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In Stukent Trainings Learn how to:

setup your course

Every class is unique but your course setup will only take a matter of minutes. Join the training to learn how.

Grade your student work

Grading can be a hassle, especially with large class sizes. Come learn the simplified grading method through Stukent courseware.

Navigate simulations

Our first in the world simulations are used across the globe. Lean how these hands-on tools can change your class.

Answer questions

We host live sessions so all your questions can be answered. Just join the next training session and become the expert on your curriculum.