5 Top Secrets: Digital Marketing Essentials

Each of the articles in the “5 Top Secrets” series lifts the hood on one of our digital marketing resources to help you gain superior insight on the topic covered. Stukent courseware gives you a fast-track to engagement. And engaged students learn quicker and more. It’s all part of Stukent’s mission to help educators help students help the world.

The “Digital Marketing Essentials” digital textbook and accompanying Mimic Pro simulation present the key concepts of a field so dynamic that printed books are obsolete by the time they make it to the classroom. Topics include search engine optimization, advertising, web analytics, social media marketing, reputation management, website design, and email marketing.

This courseware isn’t just about learning terms, though. It helps students enter the fast-paced and demanding world of digital marketing. Your students will get effectively grounded in not just the theories of marketing but through actual practice of the concepts you’re teaching.

To support your instruction, here are five top “secrets” you will find in the “Digital Marketing Essentials” digital textbook.

Top Secret #1: Digital Marketing Lesson Plans (And Other Time-saving Resources)

Check the Instructor Resources folder (see the screenshot below) for pre-written lesson plans, slides, assignments, quizzes, and test banks. In short, Stukent helps with instructor prep so you have more time to interact with students and draw from your personal experience during lectures. 

You’ll have access to lesson plans and slides for each chapter of “Digital Marketing Essentials.” You’ll even get slides showing the quiz answers. Amazing? You bet. Like we said, our job is to help you help students help the world.

Digital Marketing Essentials instructor resources screenshot

Top Secret #2: FREE Student Access to Top Tools for Digital Marketers

Take another look inside that Instructor Resources folder. One part you definitely don’t want to overlook is the Projects section (see the screenshot below).

“Digital Marketing Essentials” provides two hands-on projects: one for creating a website using the WordPress CMS and the other using SEMrush to find keywords for a content marketing task. These aren’t baby-step assignments wherein students learn ABOUT WordPress and SEMrush. These projects require students to move through the steps they’ll actually encounter on the job — from receiving the assignment to preparing the requested deliverables. 

These projects can help instructors intensify the impact their classes have on students — not just in class, but on down the road. 

DME e-textbook projects screenshot

Top Secret #3: A Team of Experts

Every event planner knows that an “expert” is “someone from out of town.” When you back up your own teaching with special sessions by experts, the information may gel better for students. Surely there’s a research paper somewhere about that, and maybe it’s simply a function of repetition and approaching a topic from a different angle. What we do know is that the recorded Expert Session lectures are a way to benefit both instructors and students.

You’ll find Expert Sessions for each chapter of “Digital Marketing Essentials.” Access them directly under the Book Information link in the sidebar (see the screenshot below).

Treat your students to instructional sessions presented by digital marketers such as Oli Gardner, cofounder of Unbounce; Duane Forrester, the former head of Bing Webmaster Tools; and a host of other speakers, including Larry Kim, CEO of MobileMonkey and founder of WordStream; Scott Cowley, assistant marketing professor at Western Michigan University; and Dennis Yu, CEO of BlitzMetrics and CTO of ChiroRevenue.

Space prevents a full listing of these digital marketing superstars, but it is quite a lineup.

Digital Marketing Essentials expert sessions screenshot

Top Secret #4: Student Certification (FREE)

You may not have yet heard the news, but Stukent now offers certifications your students can use to add punch to resumes and share on LinkedIn or other social media platforms. We’re not talking about “anybody-can-do-it” awards. The exams are certified by an advisory board of academic and industry professionals. 

Automated grading and certification management mean you don’t get weighed down with extra work with the 80-question exam. 

When you leverage the advantages of “Digital Marketing Essentials” in your class, the Stukent Digital Marketing Certification (normally $79.99) is included for free. Get more information about the certification.

Stukent advisory board for Digital Marketing Certification
The University of Louisville, Google, and Hubspot are the home ports for these three Stukent Advisory Board members.

Top Secret #5: Instructional Resources for Students

Remember, Stukent’s mission involves helping you help students. One way Stukent does that is to include a Student Resources folder (see the screenshot below) to complement the Instructor Resources folder already described.

Give your students access to supplemental material for each chapter. They get their own rendition of the lecture slides for each chapter (minus presenter notes), student-centered instructions for each of the two projects, and a package of information to help with two major assignments. Oh yes, your class will get access to Wishpond in order to practice landing page optimization and lead generation. 

DME textbook student resources screenshot

A note to educators who don’t yet have access to Stukent digital textbooks and simulations:

If you can think of a single good reason NOT to grab your instructor’s copy of and get a guided demo of this powerful classroom tool, please let us know. Really. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our work. 

But if you’re pretty sure the Stukent digital marketing resources would help you help your students help the world … then click here to get started. We look forward to welcoming you and your school into the Stukent family.

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