At Stukent, we’re dedicated to keeping our products up-to-date with current industry trends and best practices. We release new courseware and simulations each semester and revise our products annually, giving educators tools to prepare students for future success in the marketing industry. 

In April, Stukent hosted the 4-in-1 Launch Event, releasing three new Mimic marketing simulations and an update to an existing simulation, Mimic Marketing Principles. The new simulations included Mimic Media Planning, Mimic IMC (Integrated Marketing Communications), and Mimic Services Marketing, bringing fresh perspectives and powerful hands-on tools into the classroom.

Read on to learn more about the 4-in-1 Launch Event, or visit the webinar homepage to watch the new simulations in action!

LMS Integration Announcement

To kick off the event, Stuart Draper, founder and CEO of Stukent, announced that Stukent’s courseware and simulations can now be integrated into popular learning management systems (LMS), making it effortless to use Stukent’s materials. Stukent will support integration with LTI 1.3 compliant LMSs, providing single sign-on, score syncing, deep linking, and rostering capabilities for Canvas, Blackboard, and Moodle users. And integration with Brightspace/D2L will be available soon!

When you integrate Stukent’s courseware and simulations into your LMS, you’ll receive updates to our products automatically, which means you’ll always have access to the most relevant marketing curricula available. 

Mimic Marketing Principles

Stukent debuted the update to Mimic Marketing Principles during the launch event, showing off the simulation’s newest features. The update includes a new Notifications Hub, where students answer questions from customers, coworkers, and colleagues. Each question in the Notifications Hub gives them three responses to choose from — good, better, and best. Once students select an answer, the simulation gives them immediate feedback on their choice.

The Notifications Hub increases student immersion, making them feel as though they are working for a real company. 

In Round 6, we added a disruptor: a new competitor enters the market, which requires students to reposition their products based on a two-by-two matrix and revise their positioning statements. 

These updates provide students with insights into core marketing concepts, helping them build their confidence, hone their skills, and test-drive the strategies they are learning in a safe, risk-free environment. Product updates are just one way Stukent helps educators stay current with the marketing industry.

Mimic Media Planning

When Beth Donnelly Egan’s “Media Planning Essentials” courseware first launched, it included Commspoint, a widely respected industry tool. Unfortunately, the educational version of Commspoint wasn’t compatible with Mac, which made it difficult to use in the classroom. Educators needed a media planning tool that could be used on both Mac and PC, so the Stukent team developed an all-new media planning simulation. 

Mimic Media Planning gives students access to real-world media planning tools in a simulated environment. The simulation asks students to allocate a budget across various media and determine where to place ad messages. Students analyze consumer data, build campaign strategies, review channel rankings, and more. 

“I’m excited that I’ve had the opportunity to work with Stukent to build a simulation,” says Beth Donnelly Egan, who authored the accompanying courseware. “When I first wrote [the] ‘Media Planning Essentials’ [courseware], I was trying to address two of the biggest challenges of teaching media in an academic setting: one, that the industry changes so quickly, and two, a lack of access to relevant, widely accessible industry tools.” 

Mimic Media Planning does precisely that — it provides access to real-world industry tools, giving students unique insights into the role of a media planning professional. It’s an impactful experience students can add to their résumés and talk about with prospective employers in interviews. 

To read more about the simulation or watch the demo, please see Stukent’s Mimic Media Planning Recap. Or to request FREE instructor access to the simulation, please visit our website.

Mimic IMC

Like Mimic Media Planning, Mimic IMC (Integrated Marketing Communications) prepares students to run cohesive marketing campaigns. 

In Mimic IMC, students work as marketing managers for Buhi Supply Co., a fictitious bag company, where they target the best audiences, build comprehensive customer personas, develop effective positioning statements, and create a unified communications strategy. Stukent designed the simulation to help students understand how to create campaigns that move customers through the marketing funnel.

“We’re teaching students how to [build IMC campaigns] so that when they walk out the door, they have the skills they need to thrive,” says Diane Law, author of the “Integrated Marketing Communications” courseware. “They can start doing their jobs and show their boss ‘I can do this!’ and add value to their organization.”

Mimic IMC doesn’t just give students the pieces of an integrated marketing communications campaign. It also teaches them how to use those elements in a clear, consistent way. 

To read more about the simulation or watch the demo, please see Stukent’s Mimic IMC Recap. Or to request FREE instructor access to the simulation, please visit our website.

Mimic Services Marketing

Last but certainly not least, Mimic Services Marketing debuted during the 4-in-1 Launch Event. 

This groundbreaking simulation teaches students to create memorable experiences for their customers that differentiate their brands from the competition. Mimic Services Marketing asks students to set up a service, manage inventory shortages, enhance customer service quality, react to new competitors, address ethical issues, and manage negative press. It’s a powerful way to introduce students to core service marketing concepts.

Few universities currently offer services marketing — it’s a rapidly expanding subject in the field, one that will continue to grow thanks to the efforts of authors Dr. Maribeth Kuzmeski and Jerry Rackley, who wrote the courseware and served as the subject matter experts on the simulations.

Dr. Kuzmeski and Rackley want to change how academia approaches services marketing, as services are an integral part of our world. “[This] practical application bridges all the great research that the pioneers in the services marketing world have done,” says Rackley. “It makes it more applicable and shows students what [services marketing] looks like in the real world.”

To read more about the simulation or watch the demo, please see Stukent’s Mimic Services Marketing Recap. Or to request FREE instructor access to the simulation, please visit our website.

Stukent’s goal is to help educators stay current with industry’s ever-changing practices and trends. We partner with top educators and industry leaders to develop and build the best courseware and simulations available. With these new and updated simulations, Stukent continues to redefine how marketing is taught in academia.

To schedule a demo with a Stukent course consultant, book an appointment online. Or, see the new simulations for yourself and get FREE instructor access to Stukent’s courseware and simulations on our website

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