Mimic Media Planning

Higher Ed Media Planning Simulation

Teach students to plan cohesive, comprehensive media campaigns with Mimic Media Planning!

Mimic Media Planning Learning Objectives

In this simulation, students will:

  • Analyze demographic and psychographic consumer data

  • Identify the characteristics of a target persona

  • Select successful messaging drivers to elicit the desired audience response

  • Select successful strategic drivers during a target audience’s consumer journey

  • Assist a colleague in selecting their own messaging and strategic drivers

  • Review sample allocation plans, then analyze their metrics and select an allocation plan that best aligns with the target audience, messaging, and strategic drivers

  • Spend an advertising budget on optimal advertising media and vehicles based on a targeted allocation plan

  • Respond to questions from colleagues about media planning concepts

Mimic Media Planning pairs with Media Planning Essentials

Beth Donnelly Egan’s “Media Planning Essentials” courseware perfectly complements the Mimic Media Planning simulation. Here is why you’ll love the courseware:

Relevant Content

Take your students behind the scenes of media planning! With this courseware, your students will learn the “how” and “why” of messaging placement and create effective communications campaigns across a variety of platforms. Students will apply media theory, create strategies, and identify appropriate media measurement tools to enhance the success of their media plans.

Teaching Tools Included

You get courseware packed with customizable, up-to-date resources, such as weekly lesson plans, real-world case studies and projects, chapter quizzes, Expert Session video lectures, a syllabus, and class schedule.

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