Logistics Simternship™

A Practical Approach to Supply Chain Logistics

Powerful Tools to Teach Students How to Plan, Implement, and Control Supply Chains

Logistics & Transportation: Plan Implement Control


Students understand and plan the logic of supply chains.


Students implement knowledge to make strategic decisions.


Teach students to control and evaluate the end-to-end logistics plan for an organization.

logistics simulation

Give Students Hands-on Experience

Prepare students to manage multiple clients and assist in navigating crises with Stukent’s Logistics Simternship™! In this 8-round simulation, students will work as an account manager for Cumulo Logistics, a third-party logistics company, where students will get hands-on experience adhering to outlined policies. They’ll also practice route optimization, drafting client proposals, managing logistics crises, and more.

In logistics, crises are inevitable. Combining the “Logistics & Transportation Management” courseware with the Logistics Simternship gives users both a comprehensive foundation and practical hands-on learning. This provides learners with a job-like experience in which they have ownership and risk-taking opportunities without real-life career consequences. Plus, teachers get all the tools they need to optimize their time and teaching impact, taking the hassle out of preparing a great course.

Why Use the Bundle?

This courseware bundle is specifically designed to help students understand and master the skills they need to evaluate the end-to-end logistics plan for an organization and learn how logistics decisions impact that organization. It also equips them with valuable experience in handling unforeseen or unavoidable crises.

Join the professors who have chosen to use Stukent’s Logistics bundle as an experiential learning material in their class. Whether you’re currently teaching a Logistics & Transportation course or looking to build one in your college, The Logistics bundle will provide you with everything you need to enhance your students’ class experience, simplify difficult concepts to teach, and save you tons of prep time.

Logistics Text and Simulation

Stukent Simternships™ — Redefine Business Education

Redefine hands-on education with a Stukent Simternship™! A Simternship goes beyond your average business simulation, giving your students the opportunity to put the concepts you’re teaching them to work.

A Stukent Simternship packs months of role-specific training into a single semester. Your students will step into real-world positions, allowing them to gain experience, master marketable skills, increase their knowledge retention, and yes, even make mistakes in a low-risk environment.

With Stukent Simternships, your students get a powerful, resume-worthy experience, while you get a hassle-free semester. Talk to a Stukent course consultant today to see how a Simternship can transform your classroom!

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