Stukent Has All Your Digital Marketing Courses Covered


Courseware + Simulation

Boost your digital marketing course with a curriculum that is engaging, relevant, and helpful!

The “Digital Marketing Essentials” courseware has been praised by students for being easy to read, understand, and enjoy. Pair it with the Mimic Pro simulation for an impactful course.

Courseware + Simulation

An interactive simulation, foundational SEO theories, and real-world projects in one courseware bundle.

Bridge the gap between the classroom and the job market! Set your students up for SEO success with “SEO: Strategy & Skills” and Mimic SEO.

Courseware + Simulation

“Email Marketing: Strategies & Skills” and the Mimic Email Marketing simulation provide students hands-on, educational experiences with essential elements of email marketing. 

Students create and optimize four email sequences to generate conversions for Buhi Supply Co.’s “American Dream” product line.

Courseware + Simulation

Content marketing principles apply far beyond content creation. “Content Marketing Strategies” and Mimic Content Marketing prepare students for roles in communications, PR, social media, or any other digital marketing position.

Students will learn how to produce out content creation projects, make strategic decisions, conduct keyword research, analyze metrics, plan content by channel, and much more.

Courseware + Simulation

Students will learn and practice A/B testing on a company’s website, making critical digital marketing analytics decisions, campaign prioritization, optimization, measuring metrics, and allocating budget to maximize profits.

What’s more, it’s done in a way that’s simple, digestible —and fun!

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