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How to Take the Workforce by Storm: 5 Experts’ Advice

Stukent’s marketing team recently attended Utah’s Digital Marketing Collective to develop professional skills. Knowing we would be surrounded by hundreds of industry experts, we asked people this question:

What advice would you give university students who are entering the workforce?

This is what they had to say…

Carter Allen

Recruiter at TEKsystems


  • Use LinkedIn to get your information in front of recruiters and agencies
  • Build your personal brand on social media
  • Practice using new technologies as they emerge

Cory Henke

CEO & Founder at Variable Media


  • Don’t be afraid to disrupt the status quo and change the game
  • Use YouTube to build basic skills and understanding
  • Stay passionate about your work

McCain Kennedy

Social Media Manager at Nomatic


  • Be willing to work for free to gain experience
  • Ask local brands if you can help with their social media marketing
  • Build your understanding of popular social media channels

JJ Steadman

VP of Marketing and eCommerce at Bobelo


  • Try building a personal website on WordPress or Wix
  • Learn how to use analytics to improve marketing efforts
  • Join forums and follow conferences to learn from industry experts

Dennis Yu

CEO of Blitzmetrics


  • If you don’t know what you’re doing, Google it
  • Offer to help businesses with social media marketing
  • Start up a side hustle, so you can practice the things you learn in school

Students Need Experience

Almost every professional we spoke to gave one piece of common advice: Students need experience! Students should actively search for opportunities to expand their skills. They can work on side projects, even volunteer to work for local businesses.

As educators, you have the unique opportunity to give your students real-world experience in the classroom. You can incorporate client projects, industry tools, and simulations in your course to help build your students’ resumes.

Stukent’s mission is to help educators help students help the world. We do this by providing you with courseware that is current, practical, and actionable.

Chase Leavitt

In fact, Chase Leavitt, a Stukent alumni said, “My favorite class I took during college was my digital marketing class. It was the first time our professor used Stukent, and it was THE BEST! Stukent was what made me go from wanting to do marketing in general to wanting to do digital marketing specifically. Using it has helped me with email campaigns and especially Google Ads.”

So if you are looking to bring the real world to your classroom, check out the courseware options in the topics below!

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