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Why You Will Love Media Planning Essentials

This courseware will take your students behind the scenes of how and why to place messages in various media in order to create the most effective, engaging communications campaigns.

Students will apply media theory, create strategies, and identify appropriate media measurement tools to enhance the success of their media plans.

The customizable, up-to-date resources include weekly lesson plans, syllabus, class schedule, real-world case studies and projects, chapter quizzes, and expert session videos.

When you bundle with Commspoint influence, students will develop effective and integrated paid, owned, and earned communications plans that truly enable two-way dialogues between consumers and brands. Students will have access for 12 months to a product that costs thousands.



Chapter 1: Introduction – How & Why this Textbook is a Unique Approach to Learning about Communications Planning

Chapter 2: The Communications Planning Process

Chapter 3: The Consumer Journey

Chapter 4: Understanding Target Audiences

Chapter 5: The Brief: Media’s Role in the Marketing Mix

Chapter 6: Communications Plan Strategy: The Campaign Framework – Setting Campaign Objectives

Chapter 7: Media Planning Basics: An Overview of the Underlying Media Theories and the Basic Terms and Calculations Necessary to Drive Efficient and Effective Connections Plans

Chapter 8: The Types of Media – Online (or Traditional)

Chapter 9: The Types of Media – Offline (or New/Emerging)

Chapter 10: Communications Plan Strategy: Developing Communications Strategies

Chapter 11: Communications Plan Strategy: Role of Communications

Chapter 12: Communications Plan Strategy: Channel Selection

a. Understanding the impact and the selection of various media channels

Chapter 13: Creating an Integrated Connections Plan: Paid, Owned & Earned (Shared)

Chapter 14: Touchpoint Impact by Task

Chapter 15: Measurement & Metrics

Chapter 16: Writing a Successful Connections Plan Recommendation

****Bonus**** – How to Stay-Up-to-Date on the Industry

ISBN 978-0-9967900-8-6


Beth Donnelly Egan

Beth is an Associate Professor of Advertising at Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communication. As a 25-year veteran of the advertising media industry she has worked for leading media agencies such as MEC Global, MediaVest and UM.

Having led the strategic media planning for Coca-Cola, AT&T Mobility, Kraft/Nabisco and L’Oreal Paris, Beth leads the Media Planning curriculum and teaches Advertising Strategy for the advertising department. Research interests include Native Advertising, Cross Media Synergy Effects and the Economics of Media Buying in the World of Big Data.

Skilled at providing strategic communications solutions built off of sound business analytics, her solid understanding of the holistic business situation delivers creative, unique approaches to the marketplace.

She Chairs the Scholarship Committee of the Alliance for Women in Media, NYC and sits on the Alliance for Women in Media National Education Initiatives Committee.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Advertising from Syracuse University and an MBA from Southern Methodist University.


A better way to teach a media planning course. The digital textbook and professor resources are updated 2-3 times a year and are available on all of your devices.

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“This textbook deals extraordinarily well with both the fundamentals of connections planning and the more sophisticated ideas behind understanding the consumer and his/her decision journey. From practical terms and current tools to the fine points of clearly defining a business problem. Connections planners need to be business and brand steward partners to their marketing clients, and the understanding of the whole business is critical to achieving that.”


Irene Chang Britt
CEO, ICB Enterprises LLC
Independent Board Director and Strategic Advisor
Former President, Pepperidge Farm