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Michelle Charello
Michelle Charello is a Senior Marketing Manager for a Fortune 500 company, currently responsible for global thought leadership and influencer marketing. She is also an adjunct faculty member at Bryant University where she teaches Digital Marketing. Previously Michelle was a content marketing manager, supporting the creation, distribution and amplification of content through paid, owned and earned media. For five years she was responsible for the management and marketing of an online education program with over 200 courses and 800,000 registered professionals in over 180 countries. She has managed the social media profiles of Fortune 500 executives, large corporations and small to medium businesses. She has led the social media efforts for large corporate campaigns and events such as the Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon Competition in the United States and Europe, as well as the Paris Marathon.

She graduated magna cum laude from Bryant University with a degree in Marketing, and received her Master of Business Administration degree from Texas A&M University. She is an avid New England Patriots football fan, loves traveling and enjoys playing soccer.


Chapter 1 – Introduction to Social Media Marketing

Chapter 2 – Developing Your Personal Brand

Chapter 3 – Social Media Marketing Strategy

Chapter 4 – Marketing with Facebook

Chapter 5 – Marketing with Instagram

Chapter 6 – Marketing with Twitter

Chapter 7 – Marketing with Snapchat

Chapter 8 – Marketing with Pinterest

Chapter 9 – Marketing with LinkedIn

Chapter 10 – Marketing with YouTube

Chapter 11 – Blogs, Vlogs, Podcasts and Webinars 

Chapter 12 – Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Chapter 13 – Influencer Marketing with Social Media

Chapter 14 – Employee Advocacy

Chapter 15 – Social Media Policies and Crisis Response Plan

Chapter 16 – Social Media Advertising

Chapter 17 – Social Selling

Chapter 18 – Social Media Analytics & Proving ROI


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