Stukent 2024 Professor of the Year: Bret Skousen

Every year, Stukent® recognizes an outstanding educator who exemplifies Stukent’s core values and mission to help educators help students help the world.

In the weeks leading up to ProfCon™, Stukent’s annual conference, we ask our course consultants, educators, industry experts, and thought leaders from all over the country who we should honor as Stukent Professor of the Year.

In recognition of his dedication to shaping students into prepared professionals, we’ve selected Bret Skousen as the 2024 Stukent Professor of the Year!

Image of Kevin Sumter, Liz Widles, Brady Adams and Bret Skousen
Bret Skousen with Stukent Leadership at ProfCon 2024 in Salt Lake City, Utah

For over three decades, Bret has excelled in executive roles at organizations such as Black & Decker and Mountain America Credit Union, as well as at various tech companies in Utah. His strategic initiatives in organizational development, marketing, and business development have significantly contributed to their growth. Some of his career highlights include helping to launch the DeWalt power tool brand and creating the MyStyle services for Mountain America Credit Union.

In addition to his corporate achievements, Bret has made significant contributions to academia. He initially joined Utah Valley University’s Woodbury School of Business as a Dean’s Executive in Residence and later transitioned to a full-time role as a Professional in Residence. With over seven years in education, Bret is dedicated to mentoring students and teaching courses from undergraduate marketing to MBA programs.

“I still have a lot of fun with consulting companies and I keep my finger on the operating side of businesses, but I love giving back to my students,” Bret said. “One of the most fun things for me is really watching them grow and develop.”

Bret’s teaching approach is centered on real-life experiential learning. His favorite part about being an educator is “making a difference in students’ lives by preparing them with practical skills to enter the work force.”

He involves his students in weekly projects that might include analyzing companies, developing marketing plans, or creating advertisements, all designed to be directly applicable to real-world scenarios. The primary goal is to enrich their portfolios, distinguishing them from their peers in job interviews.

Additionally, Bret aims to guide students toward gaining certifications and understanding the value of their work, emphasizing that their assignments are not just busy work, but meaningful preparation that will benefit them in the long run.

He also uses the Stukent Modern Marketing Principles Bundle, which allows his students to gain both theoretical knowledge and experience. He recommends maximizing the bundle by using the courseware as the base to learn principles, using the Simternship™ as practice, and then bringing in real-world examples and practices to round out the experience.

Bret’s blend of business experience and educational dedication embody Stukent’s mission to equip educators to prepare students for successful careers. As we honor Bret’s contributions, we celebrate the significant impact that educators have on developing future professionals.

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