Professor of the Month: Stephen Marshall

Stephen Marshall
Department Chair | Associate Professor

University: East Tennessee State University
Location: Johnson City, Tennessee

Stephen Marshall, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Media and Communication at East Tennessee State University. He is currently Adobe’s 2018 Experience Cloud Industry Expert in Higher Education and he works as a brand strategist consultant for Creative Energy of Johnson City, TN.

Dr. Marshall brings two decades of professional and academic experience to every endeavor. His publications and research presentations focus on strategic brand and media strategies, multicultural communication, and educating for digital literacy. He has extensive experience working with large marketing and media companies. Dr. Marshall’s client portfolio includes consulting for a variety of industry verticals in the B2B, B2C, and the education spaces.

Dr. Marshall has been called a thought leadership chameleon because of his ability to discuss curriculum, administrative initiatives as well as implementation and execution of digital marketing strategies – all in one conversation.

His approach is simple… Don’t just talk about the work – do the work.


I use Digital Marketing Essentials and Media Planning Essentials in undergraduate and graduate classes. Both provide real industry knowledge with theory producing fantastic student learning outcomes. Students are really engaged with the digital texts and Stukent’s focus on bridging with industry is essential for me.

For example, the Pointlogic Commspoint collaboration is a game-changer in the academic text world. As someone who is always looking to create additional educational value with industry software integration – choosing Stukent is a no brainer.


My one teaching tip is to partner with industry as much as possible. This could be for a single class assignment or a full term project. An easy way to do it is to simply ask a potential industry partner, “what is one challenge you wish you had time to take on?” This approach opens opportunities and has provided countless paths to collaborations. Students love working on real projects that have real outcomes and these industry partnerships have led to serendipitous opportunities for our university and our students.

Stephen goes more in depth with this subject in his article Bridging Industry to the Classroom. Read it here.

East Tennessee State University Campus, Johnson City, Tennessee


I’m not sure about “talent,” but I love music and photography. I have been playing music all my life which means I should be a lot better than I am! I love playing upright and electric bass with Americana-style bands in Tennessee. In terms of photography, I’ve been able to convince my wife my expensive photography habit is all for my capturing our crazy 4-year ninja-monkey son. He’s fast so I need great gear to capture the moment!

Stephen playing his upright bass

Congratulations, and thank you, Stephen!

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