Christina Kalberg has won Professor of the Month for June 2023!

Professor of the Month: Christina Kalberg

Christina Kalberg excels as an educator in her position as assistant professor of marketing at Point Loma Nazarene University. Her dedication to her students and passion for making a positive impact in the field of marketing has earned her the award of Stukent’s Professor of the Month for June 2023!

Christina’s commitment to philanthropy shines through her pivotal role in raising over $40 million for numerous local nonprofits across California. Her ability to leverage her marketing expertise to benefit the community showcases her profound dedication to creating a positive change beyond the classroom.

Her expertise in the marketing field has earned her recognition as a highly sought-after speaker. She has addressed audiences at influential conferences such as the Marketing Management Association Spring 2023 Conference, the Marketing Educators’ Association Spring 2023 Conference, and Marketing ProfCon 2023.

Christina speaking at Marketing ProfCon 2023.

At ProfCon, she filled a room with her presentation, “ChatGPT: Help Your Students Level Up with Prompt Engineering in the Classroom.” She offered valuable insights into cutting-edge marketing strategies and industry trends, leaving her audience inspired and informed.

As an academic researcher, Christina actively contributes to the field of marketing by publishing her doctoral work on content marketing for nonprofits.

Christina recognizes the immense value that Stukent® resources bring to the classroom. To maximize the benefits, she advises educators to leverage the expertise and support provided by Stukent. In particular, she finds that Stukent’s courseware works exceptionally well in a flipped classroom environment. By assigning readings and Expert Sessions outside of class, she creates space for vibrant discussions and collaborative learning during class time. This approach not only enhances students’ educational experience, but also optimizes the use of Stukent’s relevant resources.

Beyond her academic achievements, Christina leads a fulfilling personal life. She finds solace and inspiration in the world of books and gets outside by paddleboarding, hiking, and embarking on exciting travels with her two sons. 

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