June 2021 High School Newsletter

Founder’s Note

Stukent CEO, Stuart Draper
Stuart Draper, CEO

Hi teachers!

We just had Teacher Appreciation week, and I want to take this opportunity to say a BIG “thank you” for all that you do.

Our mission at Stukent is to help educators help students help the world. Thanks for what you do in helping us fulfill that mission. As you use our courseware and simulations, we hope we’re helping you help your students so they can go make a positive impact on the world.

Don’t forget that our Virtual TA’s are here to help.

Stay tuned for some big announcements about updates coming to our products that will help you even more.

My best,



Stukent’s First-ever High School Product Launch

Over 700 teachers joined us on May 28 for Stukent’s first High School Product Launch. Announcements included a new Social Media Marketing certification and improvements to the Mimic Personal Finance and Mimic Social simulations.

Get free instructor access to the newest addition to the High School Social Media Marketing Bundle, the Social Media Marketing Certification!

Mimic Personal Finance: The Most Effective Personal Finance Simulation

Mimic Social: The World’s First Social Media Marketing Simulation

Prep Period

Listen to Stukent’s Prep Period podcast. You’ll get tips and quick wins to implement in your classroom tomorrow! Check it out here.

Zachary Johnson, 2020 Missouri ACTE New Teacher of the Year, shares his top tips on getting students involved with local organizations and business through real-world classroom experience.

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Patty Sarkady, a veteran high school CTE teacher, discusses how gamification helps improve student engagement and motivation in class.

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Apply here to be the next guest speaker on Prep Period.

Online Communities

Mimic Personal

This community is for connecting educators who use Stukent’s Mimic Personal Finance simulation. Join to discuss and share ideas for using this educational tool in the classroom.

Social Media Marketing Education

This group is for high school educators to discuss, collaborate, and share best practices for teaching social media. Please contribute ideas, ask questions, and create conversations.

Virtual Teacher’s Assistant

Anyone who uses Stukent courseware automatically has access to Stukent Virtual TAs for answers to courseware and technical-specific inquiries.


Do you know of a credit union in your area that might be interested in sponsoring your school’s full access to Mimic Personal Finance courseware? Share this link ➝ https://www.stukent.com/sponsorship/


Stukent’s first High School Product Launch included major announcements. Learn about the new social media marketing certification and updates to the Mimic Social and Mimic Personal Finance simulations.

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Congratulations to the Stukent + DECA Social Media Marketing Challenge winners.

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Teacher of the Month

Carol Lill has been a business education teacher and DECA advisor for over 20 years. She believes experiential learning is the key to keeping students engaged and tying curriculum to the “real” world. Adding the Mimic Social simulation to class was the perfect way for her to incorporate hands-on learning. 

Carol earned her bachelor’s degree from Bloomsburg University in business education. She attended Rosemont College and earned her master’s degree in instructional technology.

Social Spotlight

Industry Updates

Catch up on industry updates and new trends in digital marketing!

Expert Sessions Library

Sara Emerson, senior paid media associate at Red Ventures, discusses ad copy strategies that drive clicks and conversions and tips for adapting best practices to your specific goals.  

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8 Tips for Success in the Stukent Social Media Simternship

In this blog, we share eight tips for success in the Social Media Simternship, enriched with insights from students who have excelled in the program. These tips will guide you in navigating the simulation effectively, ensuring you gain the most from this invaluable learning experience.
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