Digital Marketing Analytics Jobs Are Booming

One of an instructor’s biggest joys may be seeing students get jobs after graduation. And that joy can increase when students get really good jobs — employment that pays them well and provides plenty of forward-looking opportunities.

Here’s something to consider:

Though the pandemic hit the job market like a whirlwind, companies were quick to respond and adjust their strategic focus. And now, companies are placing an even greater reliance on the internet for customer, vendor, and even internal interactions. 

Looking forward, getting a solid education in marketing analytics is one of the best career paths a student can choose.

According to the most recent data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for digital marketing analysts are expected to increase “much faster than average.” That agency’s “Occupational Outlook Handbook” puts the increase at 22 percent during the current decade.

That demand may prove to be even stronger than the statisticians predicted.

Digital Marketing Analytics Job Preparation

Digital marketing analysts are the eyes of the marketing team. They collect and analyze the data that can tell a company where it has been, where it is now, and which way it should consider going next. 

Digital marketing analysts then translate that data and convert it into a form the rest of the team can grasp and use. The job of a digital marketing analyst, according to Nathan David, author of Stukent’s “”Digital Marketing Analytics: Strategic Decision-makingcourseware and adjunct instructor at Marquette University, is “the translation of digital marketing data into actionable business insights and strategy.”

Not too many years ago, marketing departments primarily depended on their collective personal experience and gut-level forecasting to create strategy. While those hard-earned skills are still valuable, today’s top performing companies lean towards data to inform their decisions. 

Digital marketing analysts collect the stream of information flowing from the company’s web pages, video channels, social media channels, email campaigns, paid marketing campaigns, and other collection points to create an ongoing story of the organization’s standing with both its competitors and its customers. 

Digital marketing analytics is complex — which leads to one more reason marketing analytics jobs are so abundant: digital marketing analysts save the rest of the team from information overload. 

Prepare Your Digital Marketing Students to Stand Out from the Crowd During Job Interviews

It’s one thing to read a textbook about marketing analytics but quite another to gain hands-on experience with the types of situations marketers face on the job every day. 

That’s why both military and civilian aircraft pilots are trained on simulators both before and after getting their “wings.” Simulators help them prepare to safely face and handle situations that could lead to serious trouble should the pilot encounter them on the job. The knowledge gleaned from books and lectures is no less essential, but simulation gives them something those things can’t provide: experience.

And experience is what students who complete Stukent’s Mimic Digital Marketing Analytics courseware get. The simulation provides students with real-world scenarios and gives them hands-on practice at solving the types of problems they’ll face when school work becomes paid work. The deeper the preparation, the better the performance. Mimic provides a level of preparation that books alone can’t deliver.

Stukent sought advice from educators and industry professionals in creating Mimic Digital Marketing Analytics. The simulation is designed to be both realistic and functional, to assist students to do digital marketing analytics.

Mimic Helps Digital Marketing Analytics Instructors Excel

Stukent’s Digital Marketing Analytics bundle is a turnkey way to capture more time for instructors to teach.

You not only get lecture slides, quizzes, exams, video presentations from industry experts, and lesson plans in the Digital Marketing Analytics bundle — the simulation is self-grading. And, the slides, quizzes, exams, and lesson plans are fully editable.

Here’s one more thing to consider: 

Digital marketing analytics and printed textbooks don’t work well together. Digital marketing is dynamic — the tools and practices are constantly in flux. Static textbooks can’t keep up with the changes. Stukent’s courseware, though, is completely digital and regularly updated.

Here’s How to Get Instructor Access to Mimic Digital Marketing Analytics

Stukent likes to practice what it preaches. The importance of hands-on experience to enhance both learning and skill has been addressed, but that’s not enough. You need to try it. Instructors are given free access to Stukent courseware. At your request, a one-on-one guided tour is also available to help you get off to a quicker start. Here’s the link: Mimic Digital Marketing Analytics.

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