Announcing: Stukent Grant Winners

Our mission to help educators help students help the world is the first thing we consider before launching a new initiative. How can we help our educators? What can we do to benefit them and their students?

The Stukent Conference and Research grants came as an answer to those questions.

These grants offer funding to educators to help cover the cost of attending conferences and conducting research with the goal of improving the learning experience of their students. After reviewing almost 200 applications, we’ve selected nine winners in total. Three educators will receive the Stukent Conference Grant, and six other educators will receive the Stukent Research Grant.

We’ve decided to double the number of winners for the 2020 grants! Follow us on social media to know exactly when the 2020 Stukent Conference and Research grants applications open.

Now, for the winners! Learn about each of our awardees and how they’re going to use this funding to elevate their teaching skills.

2019 Stukent Conference Grant Winners

These individuals will receive $1,000 to attend the conference of their choice.

Reba Heberlein, Madison Area Technical College
Conference: ProfCon 2019

“We are moving from 8-week courses to 12-week courses beginning Fall 2019. We would like to begin to use the simulations in Internet Marketing. I would like to prepare this course with the latest projects and resources that are available. Hands-on experiences and benchmark projects would assist in our new curriculum from Stukent and benefit the students in our Digital Marketing Program at Madison College. If successful, our college is looking to add Digital Marketing workshops/certificates within our Small Business Division and would like to implement Stukent materials.”

Judy Liu, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Conference: AEJMC 2019

“The theme of the conference is ‘Investing in Our Futures.’ The Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) is a nonprofit, educational association of journalism and mass communication educators, students, and media professionals. AEJMC’s mission is to advance education, foster scholarly research, cultivate better professional practice and promote the free flow of communication. I have been invited to be present and be part of the panel discussion at this conference to discuss ‘Teaching Digital Media/Marketing.’”

Travis Loof, University of South Dakota
Conference: AEJMC 2019

“In attending this conference I will specifically be presenting at a panel discussing courseware solutions for digital marketing, media analytics, and social media. This conference will help improve my teaching, allowing me to speak with others about high-impact teaching practices and new changes within the digital industry.”

2019 Stukent Research Grant Winners

These individuals will receive $500 to conduct research to provide the best learning experience possible for their students.

Yam Limbu, Montclair State University
Topic: Marketing Analytics

“Over the last few years, Marketing analytics is receiving great attention because of evolving technology and the radical changes in the marketing environment (Liu and Burns, 2018). However, there is a lack of understanding and consistency in goals, benchmarks, and content of the marketing analytics course. This research analyzes the content of syllabi used by instructors from major business schools to explore the specific topics and materials covered in undergraduate and graduate marketing analytics courses. We further explore the perspectives of industry professionals on skills required for success in marketing analytics jobs. The findings of this study will offer important insights into what topics and materials should be covered in undergraduate and graduate marketing analytics courses.”

Taisik Hwang, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Topic: Social Media Marketing

“This study will employ a content analysis to examine how commercial brands (e.g., Coke, GM, Nestle, Toyota, and Samsung) take advantage of Twitter to better communicate with their audiences. A large amount of tweets sent by these organizations from August 2017 to July 2018 will be used as a sample for quantitative analysis. Coding protocols will be developed, tested, and implemented for the following sets of variables: the timeframe of the tweet; the handle of the user; the number of the post being retweeted and liked, if any; the presence of a hyperlink in the tweet and if so, the type of website it linked to.”

Chunfu Cheng, Seminole State University
Topic: Dropout Rates

“My problem of practice is to examine students’ dropouts at community colleges and develop practical and feasible solutions to prevent college students from dropping out and therefore to increase graduation rates and retention rates.”

Shaye Stephens, Pickens County Career & Technology Center
Topic: Supplemental Learning

“Diversifying instruction in the classroom by using a virtual business to supplement learning.”

Michael Zahn, Texas Tech University
Topic: Media Multitasking

“Will provide insight into how individuals access content and use media. The research will be included in course development in terms of developing research and applying research to solve problems.”

Ernesto Gonzalez, Florida National University
Topic: Mobile marketing and impulse buying behavior

“The research will allow me to get better prepared and be able to discover more marketing knowledge. The results will be published in a marketing journal and shared with my students when teaching marketing communications and consumer behavior topics. Also for further research projects.”

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