Announcing Our New Textbook: Essentials of Social Media Marketing

Social media has changed marketing strategies — and we must adapt accordingly. No longer can marketing professionals focus on billboards, television, radio or direct mail as their primary marketing tactics. Knowing how to utilize social media is central to successful marketing.

It is not enough for students who will enter the workforce to just be equipped with general theories and knowledge when it comes to social media marketing. They will need to know how to utilize new and constantly updated social media marketing strategies.

Introducing Essentials of Social Media Marketing

This is not your typical social media marketing textbook.

Instructors get access to concepts, application-based teaching materials and real-world examples for students to experience hands-on learning and meaningful preparation for future employment.

Author Michelle Charello said the textbook is “not just about general high level theories such as ‘what is social media,’ or ‘what are the ways people communicate on social media.’ Students today have grown up in the digital world, they already know all about social media. What they have yet to understand, and will be faced with when they graduate, is how to implement social media marketing for a real company.”

Why Essentials of Social Media Marketing?

This text goes beyond theory; it equips students with steps needed to create social media marketing strategies.

essentials of social media marketing textbookStudents will learn:

  • How social media has disrupted traditional marketing
  • The benefits of and why social media marketing is important
  • How to develop their personal brand
  • How to create a social media marketing strategy
  • Creating and optimizing business profiles on each social network
  • Implementing a social media content strategy on each social network.
  • The benefits of an how to market with blogs, vlogs, podcasts and webinars
  • How to launch a social media marketing campaign
  • How to create a social media influencer marketing strategy
  • Creating an employee advocacy program
  • Social media policies and crisis response plans
  • Social media advertising on each social network
  • Social selling
  • Social media analytics and measuring ROI


And, Essentials of Social Media Marketing provides in-depth content on each social media platform. By the end of the course, students will know how to implement a successful content strategy for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube.

What’s included in the text?

This digital textbook is loaded with free instructor resources, including:

  • A customizable syllabus
  • Lecture slides
  • Lesson plans
  • Built-in quizzes
  • Recorded video lectures by industry experts
  • Student projects
  • And more

And that’s not all!

Essentials of Social Media Marketing can be easily paired with Mimic Social Simulation. This pair is the perfect way to teach and learn social media marketing. The textbook provides foundational concepts, and the simulation allows students to put those concepts into practice. Together they create a complete courseware package that saves instructors hours of prep time and helps students gain a real-world experience.

Want free instructor access?

If you think your students will benefit from this course, request free instructor access to the textbook Essentials of Social Media Marketing and the marketing simulation Mimic Social.

Free instructor access will allow you to review lecture slides, quizzes, projects, assignments and much more.

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