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AMA Aurora Regional Collegiate Conference Competition Results

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Just a few short days ago we had the wonderful opportunity of attending the AMA Aurora Regional Collegiate Conference held at Aurora University. The Aurora University AMA Collegiate Chapter provides professional development opportunities, training, skill enhancement, and networking opportunities with marketing professionals nationwide. This organization is highly beneficial to anyone interested in a marketing related field.

Stukent was able to present to the faculty on the different ways to improve teaching internet marketing in higher education. We shared many helpful resources including how to bundle the RealDeal Simulation, Internet Marketing Essentials, and Expert Sessions together in order to create a rock star digital marketing course!

One of the conference highlights was the RealDeal Simulation competition in which 10 universities competed. The simulation lasted roughly two hours where teams of two and three battled each other to see who could run a more profitable ad campaign. Each round lasted 30 minutes which meant that these teams had to be quick on their feet with performing competitor analysis and optimizing their owns ads and landing pages in order to out-perform each other.

The top three teams received certificates with the 1st place team being awarded $50 gift cards.

Competition Quick Stats

10 teams (universities) participated

    • Total ad impressions = 2,537,154


    • Total clicks = 75,345


    • CTR(click-through rate) = 2.97%


    • Total ad spend = $72,066


    • Average CPC = $0.96


    • Conversions (tablet purchases) = 4,681


    • Conversion rate = 6.21%


    • Total revenue = $165,070


    • Return on ad spend(ROI) = 2.29


  • Cost per acquisition = $15.40
AMA Aurora Collegiate Conference Stukent Stats

Competition aggregate financial results


As the above screenshot shows, it took the teams a couple rounds to catch on, but once they did, it was game on!

The Winners

Congratulations to the top three winners from the RealDeal Simulation competition!

3rd Place – Texas Southern University


2nd Place – Elmhurst College


1st Place – University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

200px-University_of_Wisconsin-Whitewater_logoThe University of Wisconsin-Whitewater team really shined throughout the two-hour competition. They generated an impressive total profit of $53,191.32. Their Cost per acquisition was the lowest amongst all teams at $5.82 and their ROAS (return on ad spend) was significantly higher than the competition at 6.74.

Awesome job University of Wisconsin-Whitewater!

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