5 Top Tips: Essentials of Social Media Marketing

Each of the articles in the “5 Top Tips” series lifts the hood on our digital marketing resources to help you gain superior insight on the topic covered. Stukent courseware gives you a fast track to engagement. Your students will learn quicker, and they will learn more. It’s all part of Stukent’s mission to help educators help students help the world.

Not too many years ago, many companies were leery of spending part of the marketing budget on social media. Some doubted the value of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels to marketing campaigns, and many believed it impossible to track return on investment from social media activities.

That sentiment seems beyond-its-years antiquated now. No company would ignore social platforms. Most employ full-time staff devoted to social media marketing, and those teams do much more than just create posts and hope somebody will respond.

That’s where professors and students enter the picture. The people investing the time now to learn the art of social media marketing will go on to skillfully manage brand messaging and build goodwill between clients and prospects worldwide.

Top Tip #1: Assignments Customized for Online Work

Stukent’s digital textbooks are updated regularly, and the content can be tailored to keep up with changes in both the subject matter and the presentation. Those attributes proved especially helpful when the COVID-19 crisis created a critical need for online instruction and people who could move quickly from the classroom to the Zoom room. 

There’s more to the job than just turning print books into digital versions, though. For instance, the assignments in “Essentials of Social Media Marketing” are seamlessly integrated for online teaching. From the tools utilized, the full deck of educational resources, to the activities required, no adaptations are necessary. Students can get right to work — whether they’re in the classroom or working from home.

Top Tip #2: Includes Content on Employee Advocacy

Companies often recruit promotional help from their customers and vendors, but many fail to cultivate brand advocates from another essential part of the business equation: Their employees. A well-known marketing maxim is that prospects are much more likely to trust a recommendation from a friend than from an advertisement or other company-generated promotion. 

Employee advocacy campaigns not only generate goodwill for the brand, they can also boost employee morale and satisfaction. Your students will get an excellent introduction to the art of empowering employees to become brand advocates.

Top Tip #3: Quality Checks Utilizing AI

Professors who supplement the “Essentials of Social Media Marketing” digital textbook with Stukent’s Mimic Social simulation get access to a fun and challenging program that provides both information and practice. The simulation uses Microsoft Cognitive Services (AI) to analyze student responses and provide individualized feedback. Grades are compiled and delivered as a Net Promoter score that gives students a real-world metric to evaluate their individual success level. 

In Mimic Social, your students will write targeted social media ads, practice demographic targeting, measure KPI’s, and more. From scheduling content to determining the most effective marketing strategy, the simulation gives them a feel for what to expect when they’re out of school and on the job.

(Bonus tip: If you type “Pikachu” or “Charizard” from within the simulation, you’ll get a fun little surprise)

Top Tip #4: Includes 30 Expert Sessions

Wouldn’t it be outstanding if you could take all your students to a conference where 30 social media experts presented their best ideas? With Stukent Expert Sessions, you don’t have to travel anywhere to do that. The “Essentials of Social Media Marketing” digital textbook incorporates 30 video-based talks from people who KNOW what they’re talking about.

Adelyn Biedenbach, director of digital media for the Florida Panthers professional hockey team describes how to create a content plan. Bree Nakatani, customer success lead at Wishpond unveils how to generate thousands of leads using social media. Molly Pittman, marketing vice president at Digital Marketer covers the basics of using Facebook Messenger in social campaigns. That’s just three of the speakers and topics your students can access via the textbook. This is a formidable lineup of experts who are sure to engage students and activate class discussions.

Top Tip #5: Author is an Industry Expert

The author of “Essentials of Social Media Marketing” packs her own special sauce into the mix. Michelle Charello heads thought leadership and integrated marketing for Schneider Electric, a Fortune 500 company. Her years of industry experience don’t alienate her from academia, though. Charello is an adjunct professor of digital marketing at Bryant University.

Prior to her current position, the author worked as a content marketing manager. She supported the creation, distribution, and amplification of content through paid, owned, and earned media. For five years, she was responsible for the management and marketing of an online education program with over 200 courses and 800,000 registered professionals in over 180 countries.

How to Get Your (Free) Copy

Are you ready to get your virtual hands on a copy of the “Essentials of Social Media Marketing” textbook? Get instructor access by visiting this page. After you get the instructor’s edition, scroll down to find out why the Mimic Social simulation is a perfect addition to the text. 

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