10 Digital Marketing Blogs Every Student Should Know

As you read this blog, the realm of digital marketing is simultaneously shifting. How do you keep up? What is the top app this year? This month? How do minute changes affect your future career?

If you know the basics of the digital world, and even have the professional training to tackle it, you should be good to go, right? The answer is—sort of. If you aren’t keeping up on current marketing tactics, chances are there is going to be a disconnect in your knowledge of what is “current” compared to the other potential hire who is continuously doing research.  

With the saturation of sites on all things marketing, digital, social, and everything in between, you may feel slightly overwhelmed as to where to gather your most updated and accurate information.

Whether it’s foundational marketing skill set refreshers or important updates on new technologies, new algorithms, or other useful tactics that marketing professionals are incorporating in their business efforts, these 10 blogs will give you the information you need to stay up-to-date and in the know.

1. Neil Patel Digital

Neil Patel’s blog includes a plethora of digital marketing information like strategies for traffic growth, and Chromebook extensions that can save you time and effort. This blog allows you to choose which area of marketing you want to learn more about. For example, as a digital marketing expert, one can choose “online marketing” as the topic of interest to explore. There, you will find an archive of related blog posts.

Benefits: Quick tips, tricks, and tools while focusing on traffic growth and SEO.

Example post: My Secret Playbook: 28 Hacks Guaranteed to Grow Your Traffic and Sales

2. Gary Vaynerchuk

Vaynerchuk’s blog posts go more in depth with the “why” behind certain topics he finds relevant and noteworthy. Being a successful entrepreneur and bestselling author, his posts can spark innovation as he provides new ways of approaching digital content.

Benefits: Quick informational reads that show reading time.


3. The Moz Blog

A blog that focuses on inbound marketing. The blog’s posts are contributed articles that anyone can submit. The best articles are then chosen to be published on the blog. The site includes articles on Google Adwords affect on organic results, and building marketing strategies for SEO growth.

Benefits: Step-by-step guides with an emphasis on SEO.

Example post: The Campaign Comeback: What to Do When Content Fails — Best of Whiteboard Friday

4. Social Media Today

This blog gives you real-time information to aid in amplifying performance success. It features many infographics for quick facts and current trends. The most current social networks’ advancements are constantly updated to the blog.

Benefits: Daily news updates for the digital marketing world.

Example post: Twitter Surveys Users on Possible Options for Tweet Subscriptions

5. MarTech Today

Weekly news updates are given on this blog site. It focuses on the digital aspect of marketing. Having a clearly defined brand are other topics this blog frequently spotlights.

Benefits: Provides “how to” guides and specific marketing topics such as predictive marketing and marketing automation.

Example post: Social Shorts: Twitter ad engagement drops, Snap Minis launch, more brands pause Facebook Ads

6. Content Marketing Institute

Articles on this blog have content marketing infiltrated throughout. The contributors specialize in educating marketers in creating video and blog posts. The site also delves into measurement and ROI topics.

Benefits: Specializes in how to teach content strategy.

Example post: 3 Types of Backlinks You Want Your Content to Get (and How to Get Them)

7. Copy Hackers

Posts on this blog concentrate on creating copy that will drive conversions. Tips on metrics and data analysis in the marketing industry are topics this site covers frequently. Each blog post proposes a considerable amount of information compared to other digital marketing blogs and their content.

Benefits: Offers tutorials, tools, and guides.

Example post: Inclusive Buyer Personas: Where new product ideas live and growth happens 

8. Mark Schaeffer’s “Grow” Blog

Generating discussion on the future of marketing and how to be of greater influence in the industry is something that sets this blog apart from others. While covering topics on general marketing approaches, this blog also supplies pivotal information for the evolution of the digital marketing world.

Benefits: Forward-thinking perspectives and an emphasis on influencer marketing.

Example post: What is the current state of content distribution? The answer is “who” 

9. HubSpot

HubSpot is a go-to blog for many marketers. Amongst marketing professionals, some could argue the company has been a trailblazer for the industry with its various methodologies and business advice. The site also covers topics on the business side of marketing in handling hiring, productivity, and customer service. 

Benefits: Downloadable templates, tools, and resources.

Example post: Your Blueprint to Create the Perfect Content Marketing Strategy

10. Stukent’s “News You Can Use” Blog Posts

“News You Can Use” is a monthly post on this blog that keeps tabs on all facets of the marketing world. This post doesn’t just cover new app features or marketing trends. Topics like controversy between brands and advertising platforms are covered with key points for your analysis.

Benefits: Quick recap on crucial marketing information condensed into a monthly overview.

Example post: July 2020 News You Can Use

Classroom Application

Have your students read this blog post and then briefly review chapters 4 and 5 on SEO in the Digital Marketing Essentials textbook. Instruct students to find a post on one of the blog sites above that correlates with the chapters’ topics. Then, have your students share their article with the class and share what they learned. For example, a post on The Moz Blog talks about how to do a competitor analysis for SEO.

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