Mimic Marketing Principles

A Brand New Marketing Principles Simulation

Spend Less Time Grading and More Time Helping Students Build Valuable Skills.

Save Hours of Prep Time


Spend less time grading and more time helping students build valuable skills. This unique simulation gives students hands-on experience, shortens the learning curve, and prepares them to compete in a growing job market.

What Will Your Students Learn?

  • Performing primary and secondary research

  • Managing a budget

  • Developing a positioning statement

  • Selecting a product and setting pricing

  • Creating an advertising mix and promotions plan

  • Setting up distribution channels

  • Analyzing sales data to optimize pricing, ad spending, and distribution


Bring the 4 Ps of Marketing to Life

Students get practice launching a new product and making all of the critical marketing decisions, including selecting a product, setting a price, creating promotions, managing ad spend, and working with distributors. What’s more, it’s done in a way that’s simple, digestible—and fun!

Pick a New Product to Launch

Strategically Select and Optimize Pricing

Practice Product Placement through Distribution Channels

Create and Execute a Promotion Plan

10 Reasons to Use Mimic Marketing Principles

  1. Engages students in real-world scenarios with robust data
  2. Requires students to analyze budgets, objectives, and research to make informed marketing decisions
  3. Helps students apply and practice marketing principles concepts
  4. Auto-grades assignments and offers students personalized feedback
  5. Works perfect for in-person or online instruction and a variety of class sizes 
  6. Allows instructors to customize the simulation to fit their students’ needs and schedule
  7. Gives students the opportunity to create a go-to market strategy for a fictitious company, launch a product, and manage a budget
  8. Shows students how to apply the 4 Ps of marketing to a workplace scenario
  9. Includes weekly briefings from a fictitious boss
  10. Pairs perfectly with the “Modern Marketing Principles” digital textbook, which is updated twice a year
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