Mimic Marketing Principles

A Brand New Marketing Principles Simulation

Spend Less Time Grading and More Time Helping Students Build Valuable Skills.

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Friday December 11th, 10:00 a.m. MST

Save Hours of Prep Time


Spend less time grading and more time helping students build valuable skills. This unique simulation gives students hands-on experience, shortens the learning curve, and prepares them to compete in a growing job market.

What Will Your Students Learn?

  • Performing primary and secondary research

  • Managing a budget

  • Developing a positioning statement

  • Selecting a product and setting pricing

  • Creating an advertising mix and promotions plan

  • Setting up distribution channels

  • Analyzing sales data to optimize pricing, ad spending, and distribution


Bring the 4 Ps of Marketing to Life

Students get practice launching a new product and making all of the critical marketing decisions, including selecting a product, setting a price, creating promotions, managing ad spend, and working with distributors. What’s more, it’s done in a way that’s simple, digestible—and fun!

Pick a New Product to Launch

Strategically Select and Optimize Pricing

Practice Product Placement through Distribution Channels

Create and Execute a Promotion Plan

10 Reasons to Use Mimic Marketing Principles

  1. Engages students in real-world scenarios with robust data
  2. Requires students to analyze budgets, objectives, and research to make informed marketing decisions
  3. Helps students apply and practice marketing principles concepts
  4. Auto-grades assignments and offers students personalized feedback
  5. Works perfect for in-person or online instruction and a variety of class sizes 
  6. Allows instructors to customize the simulation to fit their students’ needs and schedule
  7. Gives students the opportunity to create a go-to market strategy for a fictitious company, launch a product, and manage a budget
  8. Shows students how to apply the 4 Ps of marketing to a workplace scenario
  9. Includes weekly briefings from a fictitious boss
  10. Pairs perfectly with the “Modern Marketing Principles” digital textbook, which is updated twice a year
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