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Stukent Marketing Principles Simternship™ + "Modern Marketing Principles" + Video Case Studies

Stukent Marketing Principles Simternship™

Enhance Learning with a Go-to-Market Product Launch Simulator

Stukent Marketing Principles Simternship™ has an immersive story line that mimics real-world challenges. Auto-grading and personalized feedback make the simulation scalable for all class sizes.

Learning Objectives of the Simternship™:

  • Perform primary and secondary research

  • Manage a budget

  • Develop a positioning statement

  • Select a product and set pricing

  • Create an advertising mix and promotions plan

  • Set up distribution channels

  • Analyze sales data to optimize pricing, ad spending, and distribution

Marketing Principles Simulation

"This simulation is worth its weight in gold. It breathes new life into your lectures and brings the terms, concepts, and vocabulary to life. Students are no longer memorizing concepts to pass the test but they are using the concepts and being forced to make "real-life" scenario-based decisions that they will be using every day in their professional career."

Stukent Simternships™:

Employ Students
in Career-Relevant Learning

A Stukent Simternship is a career-relevant, work-integrated learning experience that helps your students connect classroom concepts to real-world tasks.

In a Simternship, students become marketing managers, PR officers, entrepreneurs, SEO specialists, accountants, and more. They will interact with simulated supervisors and coworkers, perform realistic tasks, and build their confidence within the safety of a simulated environment.

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Modern Marketing Principles

Educator Resources

Includes 130+ classroom resources:

  • 21 assignments (student and instructor versions)

  • 7 Expert Sessions

  • 14 Video Cases

  • 16 lecture slide decks (student and instructor versions)

  • 16 lesson plans

  • 16 quizzes

  • 16 quiz review slide decks

  • 16 exams

  • 5 countdown videos for classroom engagement

  • 1 online teaching guide

  • 1 set of badge graphics

  • 1 syllabus

  • 1 course schedule

  • 1 Video Case Studies Instructor Manual

  • 1 Marketing Principles Simternship™ Instructor Guide

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Marketing

Chapter 2: Marketing Research

Chapter 3: Segmentation and Target Marketing

Chapter 4: Positioning

Chapter 5: The Buyer Behavior Process

Chapter 6: Introduction to Product Management

Chapter 7: Services Marketing

Chapter 8: Brands and Brand Management

Chapter 9: Retail

Chapter 10: Pricing Products and Services

Chapter 11: Promotions Overview and Focus on Advertising

Chapter 12: Digital Marketing and SEO

Chapter 13: Social Media Marketing

Chapter 14: Distributing Products

Chapter 15: The Marketing Environment

Chapter 16: The Marketing Plan and Analytics Process

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130+ resources: projects, videos, exams, lesson plans 

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Cases to Teach Marketing Principles

Video Case Studies

Provide Real-world Client Projects

Compatible with Varying Class Sizes

Whether your principles of marketing course has 10 students or 300, the Video Case Studies provide practical learning opportunities.

Individuals or Teams 

Students have opportunities to learn from one another as they solve the struggles posed in the Video Case Studies.

Real-world Cases

Students face real marketing problems experienced by actual businesses.

Hands-on Learning Without the Hassle

Stukent Simternships Integrate with Your Favorite LMS Platforms

Single Sign-On

Grade Book Syncing

Deep Linking


About the Authors

Picture of Kinda Wilson

Kinda Wilson

Kinda Wilson is a marketing instructor at the Oklahoma State University Spears School of Business and at CIMBA Italy. Her marketing and business experience ranges from working with corporations and nonprofits to founding start-up companies. Wilson is a teacher at heart and is passionate about bringing these business and marketing concepts to life for her students. Her textbook Modern Marketing Principles and interactive case simulations are used by universities internationally, and she was recently awarded the 2021 Spears School of Business Online Teaching Award and the 2017 Excellence in Teaching/Training award by the United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA).

Picture of Jerry Rackley, MBA

Jerry Rackley, MBA

Jerry Rackley is Assistant Professor of Professional Practice and Assistant Department Head for the School of Marketing and International Business in the Spears School of Business, Oklahoma State University. His diverse marketing background includes 40 years of industry experience at some of the world’s largest companies, as well as many start-up organizations. He continues to serve as a marketing consultant, which enables him to bring a rich, current, and practical marketing perspective into the classroom. Rackley is the author of Marketing Analytics Roadmap: Methods, Metrics, and Tools, co-author of Modern Marketing Principles, and Services and Experience Marketing.

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