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Table of Contents

Organized from the lens of two different perspectives: Customers and Companies.


Chapter 1: Introduction

Module 1: Brand

Chapter 2: Branding from the Customer Perspective
Chapter 3: Branding from the Company Perspective

Module 2: Customers

Chapter 4: Customers from the Customer Perspective
Chapter 5: Customers from the Company Perspective

Module 3: Products

Chapter 6: Products from the Customer Perspective
Chapter 7: Products from the Company Perspective

Module 4: Communications

Chapter 8: Communications from the Customer Perspective
Chapter 9: Communications from the Company Perspective

Module 5: Technology

Chapter 10: Technology from the Customer Perspective
Chapter 11: Technology from the Company Perspective

Why are the table of contents set up this way?


Key Learning Objectives

  • Describe the multiple facets of marketing that impact each area of business
  • Explain the importance of the customer perspective and the company perspective
  • Enhance knowledge around the reciprocal relationship of strategy and execution
  • Describe how brands create value for both customers and companies
  • Discern the difference between customer types and their importance to the organization
  • Distinguish between product marketing, product management, and product development
  • Build knowledge about integrated marketing communications and knowing your audience
  • Determine the effect technology has on virtually every aspect of marketing

80+ Educator Resources:

  • 11 Assignments (Student and Instructor versions)
  • 4 Projects (Student and Instructor versions)
  • 11 Lecture Slides (Student and Instructor versions)
  • 11 Quizzes
  • 11 Quiz Review Slides
  • 11 Lesson Plans
  • 11 Expert Sessions
  • 6 Chapter Introduction Videos
  • 5 Company Spotlight Videos
  • 1 Sample Syllabus
  • 1 Course Schedule

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About the Author

Terry Sullivan

Terry Sullivan

Terry Sullivan has 30 years of business experience as an entrepreneur and corporate employee. As a marketing consultant and small business coach, Terry has worked with hundreds of businesses of all sizes over the course of his career. With 12 years of experience as an Assistant Professor and Adjunct Professor at Webster University’s School of Business and School of Communications (in St. Louis, Missouri), Terry has taught and developed courses in a variety of subjects including Advertising Research, Analytics for Strategic Communications, and Digital Marketing, among others. He is also the author of “Six To Fix: Six Strategic Areas of Marketing to Grow a More Valuable Small Business.”

Dennis Kelley - President

"While we work with many marketers, Terry stands out from the crowd. Our collaborations have resulted in some of the highest performing marketing campaigns we've seen."

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"Brand positioning is so important; perception and communication are critical in selling and building high-end custom homes. Terry has great ideas."

Dawn Manske - Executive Director

"Terry was a member of the Webster University coaching team for my business during the 2017 Catapult Competition finals sponsored by the St. Louis Business Journal and Mastercard. He comes to the table with a lot of experience, unique perspective, and insights."