The Top 50 Entrepreneurship Programs

entrepreneur-magazine-june-2012The Princeton Review & Entrepreneur Magazine named the top 50 schools for entrepreneurship programs for 2015. The list divides undergraduate and graduate programs and was compiled from surveying more than 2,000 universities.

This list is meaningful to us because as an ed-tech startup ourselves, we love working with entrepreneurial-minded programs and professors. As more schools see the value and adopt Stukent, it is fun to see that the Stukent courseware is already being used by 20% of the schools listed below.

We can’t wait to help even more universities incorporate internet marketing into their current programs as well as help those professors stay up-to-date and give them a platform that allows their students to make real-world search engine marketing decisions.

The Top 50

Top 25 Undergraduate Programs

  1. Babson College
  2. University of Houston
  3. Baylor University
  4. Brigham Young University (UT)
  5. University of Oklahoma
  6. Syracuse University
  7. Northeastern University
  8. University of Southern California
  9. Baruch College, The City Univ. of New York
  10. Miami University
  11. Temple University
  12. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  13. University of Dayton
  14. Clarkson University
  15. DePaul University
  16. Washington University in St. Louis
  17. Lehigh University
  18. University of Michigan
  19. University of Washington
  20. Texas Christian University
  21. University of Maryland, College Park
  22. University of Arizona
  23. Saint Louis University
  24. Bradley University
  25. University of Missouri-Kansas City

Top 25 Graduate Programs

  1. Harvard University
  2. Babson College
  3. University of Michigan
  4. Rice University
  5. Stanford University
  6. Northwestern University
  7. Brigham Young University (UT)
  8. The University of Texas at Austin
  9. University of Chicago
  10. University of Virginia
  11. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  12. University of Washington
  13. The University of South Florida
  14. Baruch College, The City Univ. of New York
  15. Washington University in St. Louis
  16. Temple University
  17. Syracuse University
  18. University of Oklahoma
  19. University of Arizona
  20. DePaul University
  21. University of Southern California
  22. University of Louisville
  23. The University of Utah
  24. University of Missouri-Kansas City
  25. Columbia University


We’ve put together some fun facts surrounding the list as we had a great time learning more about each university and the entrepreneurial programs offered.

Interesting Facts

  • these 50 programs claim home in 36% of all the states in the US
  • 50% of the top 50 are located in Illinois, Massachusetts, Missouri, New York, or Texas
  • Babson College has been #1 on the undergraduate list for three consecutive years
  • 14 universities made both lists
  • average tuition for the undergraduate list = $32,659
  • average tuition for the graduate list = $41,922

If you’re looking for major entrepreneurial programs to attend, according to this list, and what you can see on the map above, you’d be wise to stay east of the Rocky Mountains. There are some great programs on the west coast, but they are few and far between.

Is your university on the list? Show some pride for your school by letting us know in the comments!

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