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The Top 5 Conferences for Marketing Educators in 2019

Who wants to spend hundreds of dollars on travel expenses just to end up at an education conference they’re not actually interested in?

Probably not you.

So, to help you get to the right gatherings this year, here are the top 5 education conferences you should attend — and why.

And remember to check out each conference’s website for additional details, like how to save money on conference/travel expenses and highlights to expect in connection to the conferences.

ProfCon 2019

Topics/Theme: “Learn. Prepare. Share.” is the theme for Stukent’s ProfCon 19. Learn digital marketing. Prepare your upcoming course with the latest resources and projects, and have the chance to share your digital marketing knowledge with others.

Dates: June 19–21, 2019

Who it’s for: Educators, Higher-education instructors

Location: West Yellowstone, Mont.(Yellowstone National Park)

Price: Early bird discount price is $397; regular ticket price is $697

Agenda: The weekend lineup includes presentations of tips and tricks on implementing courseware in the classroom. You can learn from digital marketing educators and industry professionals about what’s relevant in the industry right now and participate in outdoor activities and excursions including fly fishing, kayaking, touring Yellowstone National Park, etc.


American Marketing Association (AMA) Winter Academic Conference

Topics/Theme: The theme for 2019 AMA Winter Academic Conference is “Understanding Complexity, Transforming the Marketplace.” This conference aims to bring together research involving the complex marketing discipline. Focus will be given to marketing processes and marketplace transformation.

Dates: Feb. 22–24, 2019

Who it’s for: Instructors, marketers, doctoral students; the conference is open to AMA members and non-members  

Location: Austin, Texas

Price: Member registration price is $550; non-member registration price is $850

Agenda: The agenda posted so far includes multiple sessions focused on topics such as machine learning in market research and consumer behavior, an awards lunch, receptions, and a party. There will also be practitioner connections and multiple academic sessions. 

American Marketing Association (AMA) Summer Academic Conference

Topics/Theme: The theme for 2019 AMA Summer Academic Conference is “Marketing on Fire: Burning Questions, Hot New Methods, and Practical Ideas Worth Spreading.” This conference focuses on innovative market research and marketing strategies, featuring topics like advertising, new product development, and consumer behaviors and expectations. 

Dates: Aug. 9–11, 2019

Who it’s for: Instructors, marketers, doctoral students; the conference is open to AMA members and non-members  

Location: Chicago, Ill.

Price: TBA

Agenda: The agenda for this year’s Summer AMA has yet to be posted as the conference is still calling for papers, but attendees can expect multiple sessions focused on topics such as new frontiers in retail and ethically responsible marketing. Also, plan on an awards lunch, receptions, and a party.  

Marketing Management Association (MMA) Fall Educators’ Conference

Topics/Theme: MMA Fall Educators’ Conference theme this upcoming year is “Curriculum Design for the Future.”

Dates: Sept. 18–20, 2019

Who it’s for: Educators

Location: Santa Fe, N.M.

Price: Early conference registration is $225 ($125 for full-time students) with payment received by August 1, 2019. The regular conference fee is $275 ($175 for full-time students) with payment received after August 1, 2019, and before September 1, 2019.

Agenda: Plan to attend pre-conference workshops, listen to refereed and position papers, visit panels, and attend sponsored lunches and dinner.

Marketing Educators’ Association (MEA)


Topics/Theme: Topics include issues regarding marketing curriculum, marketing education, faculty development, as well as using marketing technology in the classroom as a teaching tool.

Dates: April 4–6, 2019

Who it’s for: Educators

Location: Phoenix, Ariz.

Price: Ticket prices range between $200 and $450 depending on if you are a student or plan to stay at the conference hotel or not.

Agenda: The schedule accommodates an opening evening reception, multiple sessions, a chance to have a competitive paper published in The Journal of Marketing Education, and even leaves time for several meals with tickets available for guests.


If you’re interested in gaining more industry experience, consider one of these conferences, too:

Traffic and Conversion Summit

  • Dates: Feb. 25–27, 2019

Social Media Marketing World

  • Dates: March 20–22, 2019

Inbound 2019

  • Dates: Sept. 3–6, 2019

It’s possible to attend all of these because they all come at different times of the year, but not everyone has those kinds of funds. Taking into consideration the topics, locations, and prices for these conferences should help you decide which conference(s) will be the most worth it to you.

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