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Stukent Celebrates 6 Years in Business

Stukent is 6 years old! This year has been quite a journey. Between product launches, conferences, and trips, it’s been busy to say the least. More importantly, the Stukent team has grown and made accomplishing our mission, to help educators help students help the world, possible.

Take a look at some of this year’s biggest milestones.

February 2019: Entrepreneur of the Year Scholarships

The Entrepreneur of the Year Scholarship was created in honor of Stukent’s fifth birthday. The scholarship enables students to turn their business ideas into realities.

Three high school and three higher education applicants were each awarded a $500 scholarship. The winners also had the opportunity to attend one-on-one consultations with Stuart Draper, Stukent founder and CEO, and Trevor Erikson, Stukent CMO. You can learn more about the scholarship winners here.

March 2019: “Modern Marketing Principles” Launch

Modern Marketing Principles” gives students an inside look at marketing strategies that professionals use every day. On top of that, students solve real companies’ marketing problems via Video Case Studies.

June 2019: Stukent’s First ProfCon

Stukent held its first ProfCon in scenic Yellowstone National Park. Instructors from all over the country attended the conference to

  • Learn digital marketing
  • Prepare upcoming courses
  • Share digital marketing knowledge with others

Representatives from Google, Facebook, GoDaddy, Get Found First, and the van Duyse Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute (VELI) spoke at ProfCon 2019. Stuart pledged $20,000 to provide educational opportunities and resources for VELI students.

Don’t miss out on ProfCon 2020 which will be held in Las Vegas.

August 2019: Inc. 5000 Listing

Thanks to you, Stukent ranked 764th on the Inc. 5000, making it the second year in a row for Stukent to make the list!

August 2019: Mimic Analytics Launch

Mimic Analytics allows students to dive into the life of a marketing analytics intern.

Students practice A/B testing, cluster analysis, and data transformation. Mimic Analytics goes hand in hand with Dr. Brennan Davis’ “Marketing Analytics.”

August 2019: Stukent Conference Grant and Stukent Research Grant

The Stukent Conference Grant and Stukent Research Grant were created to provide instructors opportunities for professional development. Instructors had the opportunity to receive one of three conference grants or one of nine research grants during the 2018-2019 school year.

You can learn more about our grant winners from the 2018-2019 school year here.

Six conference grants and 12 research grants will be awarded in the 2019-2020 school year. To apply or learn more about Stukent Conference Grants and Stukent Research Grants, click here.

November 2019: Mimic Personal Finance Launch, Stukent Grant, and Idaho Central Credit Union Partnership

Mimic Personal Finance equips students with hands-on experience in financial decision-making by providing them a safe place to do everything from file taxes to invest in the stock market.

Upon launching the simulation, Stukent offered $4 million in grants to high schools nationwide, providing students the chance to use Mimic Personal Finance for free.

And, Idaho Central Credit Union made a record-breaking $2.8 million donation to provide an opportunity for each high school in Idaho to use the simulation for free for the next five years.

November 2019: Fifth Stukent Digital Summit

Stukent held its fifth Digital Summit in November. Five instructors shared their knowledge on a variety of subjects from machine learning to influencer marketing.

To join the upcoming Stukent Digital Summit, register here.

December 2019: Stukent Visits VELI

Wrapping up 2019, Stuart and Connor McCook, course consultant, hopped on a plane and set out for Benin, Africa. Stuart and Connor provided entrepreneurial training to the students of VELI.

It’s hard to believe our sixth year has already come and gone. We look forward to accomplishing new things with you this year!

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