Spring Stukent Digital Summit 2021 Recap

Stukent Digital Summit is a virtual conference put on three times a year, where higher education instructors come together to gain insight from professors and other industry professionals alike. This year’s Spring Stukent Digital Summit 2021 was hosted by Chief Marketing Officer Trevor Erikson. It featured five speakers who supplied the audience with valuable insights ranging from integrating today’s top marketing tools in the classroom to innovative marketing ideas and advice. Following each presentation, attendees were able to ask questions during the speaker’s Q&A session.

Below are highlights and recordings of each of the presentations. You can sign up for the Summer Stukent Digital Summit 2021 and get information on being a Stukent Digital Summit presenter here.

How to Design & Implement Mimic Pro as Gamified Activities for Business Curriculum

Dr. Mina Rohani, Saint Mary’s College of California

Dr. Mina Rohani gives insight into what gamification is and how professors can prepare their classes in order to implement successful gamification experiences. Dr. Rohani goes over important factors such as managing your class and assessing and evaluating gamified activities. She adds to her presentation how professors can link concepts to game elements and offers ideas on how to reward students to keep them engaged and actively participating throughout the semester.

Clubhouse 101 for Professors: What We Need to Know and Where We’re Heading

Dennis Yu, CEO of BlitzMetrics

Dennis Yu rallies attendees to download and hop on the Clubhouse app as he presents a live tutorial on how to use the new social networking platform. Yu demonstrates ways to make the most of Clubhouse by lending tips and tricks to maneuver around the app. From the clubs, the “hallway,” and the importance of connecting your phone number to the app, Yu gives attendees all the crucial knowledge to instantly start making valuable connections on Clubhouse. 

Give Students Hands-on Experiences With 9 Digital Marketing Tools, Without the Headaches

Nathan David, Textbook Author & Curriculum Designer

Nathan David provides attendees with information on some of today’s top digital marketing tool platforms. He discusses how to give hands-on tutorials in order to create a valuable experience for students and for them to succeed in future careers. David walks through important specifications on platforms like Google Analytics 4, Google Tag Manager, Social Searcher, and Mail Chimp to name a few, which can help students strengthen their job skills.

How to Find the Right Client: Creating Real-world Classroom Experiences

Dale Blasingame, Texas State University

Dale Blasingame sheds light on important factors to keep in mind when selecting clients for your students to work with in the classroom. He discusses why certain clients will work better than others, such as a client expecting too much, or not being involved enough throughout the process of the semester. Blasingame expounds on how to manage client and classroom expectations when working with a client to ensure successful client relations and meaningful student experiences.

How to Teach Workplace Soft Skills to Marketing Students

Robert Croll, Full Sail University

Robert Croll lays out ways to teach non-tangible skills in the classroom that are vital for students to sustain a successful career for their futures. He points out the reasoning as to why employees may be fired from a position as it relates to a lack of soft skill sets in the workplace. Croll highlights that some students may not see the value in learning soft skills for the workplace, and then outlines the ways professors can emphasize the correlation of soft skills in the professional world, such as good communication, to more measurable ones, such as strong writing skills. He goes on to showcase a sample lesson plan on networking and provides objectives, topics, and lesson plan deliverables for professors to incorporate into the classroom.

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