Professor of the Month: Dr. Brandon Chicotsky

Dr. Brandon Chicotsky
Assistant Professor of Professional Practice in Marketing

School: Texas Christian University, Neeley School of Business

Location: Fort Worth, Texas

Prior to joining the faculty at the TCU Neeley School of Business, Dr. Chicotsky served on the business faculty at Johns Hopkins University and subsequently as a Clinical Assistant Professor of Integrated Marketing at New York University. Dr. Chicotsky is a Fort Worth native and has immense pride for his hometown university, TCU.Dr. Chicotsky’s career began in United States Congressional lobbying for military aid appropriations for allies abroad at a “top 3” firm, which provided professional inroads in the Middle East enabling his subsequent appointment in the private sector. Dr. Chicotsky’s entry into private equity was in Tel Aviv, Israel through an externship with New York University as a graduate student, which involved capital fundraising for a portfolio of technology startups from various investor communities in Europe and Asia.

This deal-flow led to Dr. Chicotsky’s first Chief Marketing Officer role in a venture-backed endeavor, which informed a decade of company building, capital fundraising, and more recently, angel investing and marketing advisorships for growth-stage enterprise. Dr. Chicotsky earned his Doctorate in Communication and Information Sciences from The University of Alabama, Master’s in Management from New York University, and Bachelor’s in Cultural Anthropology from The University of Texas at Austin. Outside of professorship and service endeavors, Dr. Chicotsky acquires, refurbishes, and rents real estate properties in the Ft. Worth area.

We asked Brandon a few questions. His answers are below.


I’ve used Digital Marketing Analytics and Media Planning Essentials + Commspoint. I’m also using Stukent’s Marketing Principles Bundle, the Consumer Behavior Bundle, and Marketing Analytics this upcoming semester, which I’m thrilled about.


Throughout the course planning process and instructional design process, consider the end-user … students! Then, build a participatory and engaging class session that satisfies your institution’s expected or guided ratio of theory and market applicability. No matter the ratio, bring industry closer to class, which can be realized with course clients for end-of-semester projects; virtual or on-campus student-led Q&A sessions; and generationally relevant case studies with interactive media. 

Incorporate marketplace destination events, which can include industry conferences, symposia, or company visits. Many of these engagements can all be accessed virtually and are great opportunities to activate alumni in collaboration with your institution’s advancement office. 

At the end of each class session, invite students to draft a social post of a valuable insight they gained from the session or week, which they can then post on their LinkedIn channel or another preferred channel; whereby, students will begin building an archive of industry-relevant content to better position them as credible and viable candidates for early entry positions. 

With EVERY assignment, explain your “why” to students (in the syllabus, on the assignment, and during class). Explain the reasons and purpose behind the assignment, as well as the prospective impact the assignment will have on their near-term and potential long-term growth. If you can’t articulate or readily interpret your “why” for an assignment as a professor, it likely should be redesigned with a clear learning-outcome-framework and pedagogical mission, or it should be eliminated.

Gravitate toward colleagues who celebrate ideas, maintain professional openness, and are energized by others who succeed around them. In this collegial spirit, open your classroom for audting, share course resources, and brainstorm ideas together! These practices inspire a culture of sharing best practices and ultimately help all stakeholders. 

Throughout the semester, savor the experience of unlocking students’ creativity with your prompts, inspiring collaboration with your projects, and advancing students’ skills with their exposure to experiential engagements and meaningful content. Finally, have fun! 


I enjoy Country Western dance (three-step and two-step) in the Historic Stockyards of Fort Worth with occasional weekend trips to storied dance halls throughout Texas. I also play percussion in a jazz manouche ensemble (swing jazz), Chico Chico ( 

Thank you, Brandon, and congratulations!




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