Professor of the Month: Kevin McDonald

Dr. Kevin McDonald
Professor of Marketing

University: University of Wisconsin-Stout
Location: Menomonie, Wisconsin

Dr. Kevin McDonald is a marketing professor at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. Kevin has developed successful marketing communication strategies not only for companies that he has owned and operated, but also for small and mid-size organizations in a broad- base of industries.

Kevin studied marketing communication strategy at the Carlson School of Management (University of Minnesota), the Wharton School of Management (University of Pennsylvania), the Kellogg School of Management (Northwestern University), and the Booth School of Business (University of Chicago). Kevin earned his doctorate degree from the University of Minnesota and graduated from the Kellogg Executive Education program as an Executive Scholar in Marketing. Kevin’s unique blend of broad-based industry and educational experience has kept him on the cutting edge of high-powered digital marketing strategy.

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Digital technology has turned the marketing world upside down. And so marketing professors have to use different methods and tools as we begin to adapt to the new world of marketing. Several years ago I started to evaluate online publishing companies and decided to choose Stukent for my digital e-book needs — one of the best educational decisions I have made in my career! I currently use the “Digital Marketing Essentials” e-book for our university’s digital marketing class; and we have also just adopted the “Social Media Marketing” e-book for our social media marketing class.


The “Expert Session” videos are remarkable! Using real-world practitioners is a great way to breathe life into the classes I teach. The students love and respect the video presenters; students love the real-life, practical nature of the videos. I call the “Expert Sessions” my “living laboratory” where theory and practicality come to life! The “Expert Sessions” drive student engagement on a number of levels, and I would highly recommend using them to amp student engagement.

University of Wisconsin-Stout Campus


My passion in life is riding my BMW 1600 GTL motorcycle; it is a luxury touring motorcycle that still offers the opportunity to do some sporty types of riding. I have currently ridden my motorcycle in every state west of the Mississippi, with the ultimate goal of riding it in all 50 states. The wind, the smells, the tactile feelings all add up to an incredibly rich experience. When you are traveling in an automobile, you are looking out the windows, watching a movie. When you are riding a motorcycle, you are in the movie!

Kevin posing with his motorcycle

Congratulations, and thank you, Kevin!

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