Mimic Social Prepares Student to Intern at GNC

Stukent’s Mimic Social, a first-in-the-world social media marketing simulation, helped Alissa Pampena develop skills she uses every day as an e-commerce marketplaces intern at GNC. 

“I wish that more professors used simulations like this to provide students with a better understanding of what a career may entail,” Alissa said. “… I think it’s something that benefits us as students more than other tools being used in the classroom.”

Alissa’s everyday responsibilities at GNC include managing inventory across multiple channels and creating modules to help consumers understand the company’s products. 

A senior at the University of Dayton, Alissa is also a marketing associate for the university’s retail operations. According to her, everything she learned from Mimic Social is applicable to her role — she reviews analytics from their social posts and blog and aims to help the university put its best foot forward. 

Watch Alissa’s full interview with Stukent founder and CEO Stuart Draper below. 

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