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Internet Marketing Essentials Quick Updates

Two important and quick announcements about Internet Marketing Essentials:

  1. More updates to the book have been completed for the Fall 2015 semester.
  2. You can review and see the changes made with our new Book Updates Timeline.

Click here if this is the first you have heard of Internet Marketing Essentials.

See the updates here if you’re using the book this semester.

Read on for more details.

At Stukent, we keep our books digital for a variety of reasons. My favorite is because of the ability to include videos from industry experts speaking on the subjects of the chapters. For instance, it is so neat that when our students read our chapter on search engine marketing, they can also learn about the subject from John Gagnon, who currently works at Bing and previously worked at Google. The mix of industry perspective with our academic text sets us apart.

Another one of the greatest benefits of a digital textbook is the ability to update quickly. Sadly, although most textbooks have been digitized, they aren’t updated any more frequently than before. Why? It isn’t always because the authors don’t want to, it is because the large publishing companies aren’t set up for it. Imagine editing half a million books every semester!

If we had formal “editions” of the textbook, Internet Marketing Essentials, this would be the 3rd edition, and it isn’t even a year and a half old yet. We’re still refining and improving our processes, hence why this didn’t get out the door in late August as originally planned, but please be patient with us because we know it is worth it to move this fast on updates for the book. Internet marketing evolves, and we don’t want to disseminate outdated, irrelevant information. More importantly we want you and your students to be getting all of the latest, cutting information you can.

Never fear. That doesn’t mean that we have to do a complete overhaul of the book every semester, or that you as a professor have to revamp your entire course each semester. We go in and make about a dozen changes to the text, based on the most significant and critical changes in the industry. This time, only minor changes were made to the chapter quizzes and lesson plans and lecture slides.

Each month we publish our News You Can Use blog posts, archiving 8-12 of the most important industry changes and posts from a variety of relevant websites. Subscribe to our blog to make sure you never miss out on those. Then before we make our updates, we review that content and decide as the authors what changes are great enough that they deserve to be covered within the content of the book.

In just our second school year, over 400 universities depend on Stukent to keep our digital marketing courseware current. We’re working hard to fulfill our mission of helping professors help students help the world.


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