All-new Influencer Marketing Rounds on Stukent’s Social Media Simternship™

Marketing seems to have changed in the blink of an eye. Street-side billboards have turned into portable ads. Millions of people around the world are constantly scrolling through their social media feeds, looking for the next big thing. 

And in the mean-time, social media influencers are shaping their buying patterns.

Let’s put things into perspective. According to Hubspot, “The influencer marketing industry is set to reach $10 billion by 2020.”

So, how do you prepare your students for this new level of marketing? 

It’s easier than you think.

Stukent is incorporating influencer rounds in the state-of-the-art social media marketing simulation, Social Media Simternship™

The Stukent Social Media Simternship allows students to act as the social media marketing manager of Buhi Supply Co., a hypothetical bag company created solely for this simulation.

Examples of Buhi bags. One backpack and one duffel bag.
Buhi Supply Co. Bags


 The influencer updates will officially become available in Fall 2019.

Stukent Stays Current

The world of marketing is always changing, so digital marketing courses have to evolve just the same.

Mimic Social simternship

Stukent understands this. We regularly update our courseware.

For instance, Stukent added analysis rounds to the simulation in 2017, allowing students to learn how to make data-driven decisions. And updates are made to the algorithm and format fairly often.

But, the influencer update is something entirely different.

According to Colin Key, a web developer at Stukent, “We’ve made updates in the past to improve algorithms and technology within the sim, but with the influencer update, we’ve brought an entirely new element of interaction to Stukent’s Social Media Simternship. Students can now realistically work with influencer personas. This update is in a league of its own.”

Students can choose from a variety of influencers, each with a unique profile describing their platform specialties and audience demographics. From foodies to tech gurus, there is an influencer for every marketing strategy.

Students will learn how to strategize influencer marketing efforts and engage in dynamic contract negotiations.

Stukent Social Media Simternship™ Influencer Updates

It is important for students to know how to negotiate and work with influencers as they become an increasingly valuable tool.

Students can gain real experience without the intense risk that comes with running an actual social media marketing campaign.

The influencer updates will allow students to:

  • Choose from a variety of influencers with unique profiles, specialties, and demographics
  • Engage in price and content negotiations
  • Make strategic influencer marketing decisions

From there, students will determine which influencer is most on brand and will give them the greatest return on investment.

Then, if they have room in their budget, they can schedule multiple influencers per round.

A screenshot of influencer profiles from Stukent's Social Media Simternship™
Influencers on Mimic Social

Students must then decide what kind of strategy the influencer will use.

Students can choose from the following strategies: 

  • Giveaways
  • Social media takeover
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Branded content
  • Gifts
  • Brand ambassador
Screenshot of the strategies you can use for influencer marketing in Stukent's Social Media Simternship™
Strategy Options for Mimic Social Influencers

Each strategy provides a unique marketing opportunity that comes with advantages and disadvantages. Students simply have to choose which strategy will be the most helpful to their social media marketing campaign.

After choosing an influencer and strategy, students must negotiate prices to close deals with influencers. Likewise, each influencer is willing to work with Buhi but only for the right price. 

An example of a conversation a student could have with an influencer on Mimic Social
An Example of an Influencer Price Negotiation

Students with Experience Land Jobs

The multifaceted learning opportunities provided by the simulation are second to none.

Students can gain real experience without even leaving the classroom, which means they are more likely to be hired.

Experience lands jobs. 

You can provide these kinds of opportunities for you students. Simply request free instructor access to the Stukent Social Media Simternship™, and be the first to experience the new influencer rounds coming Fall 2019!

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