How Stukent’s Updated Textbooks Keep Your Course Relevant

Imagine reading through a chapter of a marketing textbook and coming across a case study and project about Facebook Advertising from five years ago. Chances are, its principles don’t apply anymore because Facebook is completely different than it was five years ago.

Students may or may not be aware of the outdated information. If they are aware, they will become less interested, and they might lose trust in the instructor or the text. On the other hand, if students aren’t aware that the information is outdated, they will be ill-prepared for running a Facebook ad campaign.

“If you’re going to hand kids really old textbooks, they’re not going to be passionate about science,” said Jacque Salisbury, who has been teaching for 24 years.

Industries aren’t stagnant; textbooks shouldn’t be either.

Stukent’s Model

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Often, instructors have to teach from out-of-date textbooks because they don’t have other options. Once an individual becomes an instructor, they often can’t be as active in their industry as they used to be. And they don’t usually have the time to spend countless hours researching the latest trends and gathering outside resources that are up-to-date.

Stukent’s digital courseware, however, is updated twice a year. We select authors who are willing and able to keep up with the yearly updates.

Instructors gain peace of mind, knowing they are teaching relevant content, and cut unnecessary preparation time.

Frequently updated courseware builds trust with students and keeps them engaged.

These biannual updates are scheduled for the most convenient times possible. This allows instructors time to make any necessary adjustments to their course without having to do it in the middle of the semester.

Digital vs. Print

Print textbooks come with several problems:

  1. The publishing process is lengthy which makes it difficult to release updated versions before textbooks are out of date again.
  2. High schools have a hard time replacing outdated textbooks.
  3. Printed textbooks are harmful to the environment.
  4. When students purchase textbooks, they can keep them forever. However, they are unhelpful after their initial use because the books become out-of-date so quickly.

Stukent’s exclusively digital courseware solves these problems:

  1. The lack of printing and distribution dramatically decreases the time it takes to release updated versions. Textbooks stay relevant longer.
  2. Stukent always provides instructors with the most up-to-date versions of textbooks.
  3. Digital products eliminate the need for paper and printed materials, cutting down waste and deforestation.
  4. Students who purchase Stukent textbooks are given lifetime access to the most up-to-date versions and can use them as resources throughout their careers.

No Textbook is Perfect

At the end of the day, no textbook is perfect, and no textbook is complete. New information can always be added, and changes can always be made. What regular textbooks lack, Stukent courseware makes up for with real-world application through simulations and case studies. Regular updates help the courseware be as accurate and close to perfect as possible.

Recent Updates

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