Digital Marketing Essentials Textbook Updates

Welcome to the Digital Marketing Essentials updates page. We want to make it easy for you as an instructor to be aware of the updates made to this textbook. As you know, digital marketing changes fast. Therefore, we update the material 2–3 times per year. This ensures that you are teaching with the most up-to-date, relevant textbook available.

Below you’ll find a master list of all changes that have been made since its original publication date. The table is searchable to make browsing extremely convenient.





Key Topic

4/20/1912Replaced referral traffic examples and updated affiliate marketing subsectionOff-Site SEO
4/20/1921Attention, context, clarity, congruence, credibility, and closing subsections updated to include Magento example. Replaced Golden Valley Natural example with Traeger.Web Design
4/20/1941, 3, 6Anchor text definition updated. Section 3 subsection High Click-through Rate from Search Engine Results Page (SERP deleted and replaced with subsection Meta Description and Snippets. Section 6 moved subsection knowledge graph under new heading Functional Changes.On-Site SEO
4/20/1963, 6Subsection Headlines updated to account for 3 headlines as opposed to 1 & 2, and other subsections to account for new ability to have 3 headlines. Section 6 new Bid Strategy subsection. Added calculations exercise to lesson plan.Paid Search Marketing
4/20/1974Title changed from Remarketing to Retargeting. Lesson plan redone—Persona creation exercise, Target Selection and Ad Creative, Retargeting Campaign Specifications/Discussion added, etc.Display Advertising
4/20/198Updated data sets in lesson plan. Updated snappos email database in student resourcesEmail Marketing
4/20/199Changed learning objectivesSocial Media
4/20/1910Each section of this chapter will be divided into three segments: 1) what makes each platform unique; 2) advertising features available on the platform; and 3) best practices for content creation and posting.Social Media
4/20/19101Added historical background of Facebook and Facebook Features subsections and removed Company-User Connection. Added subsection on Company Profiles. Changed Advertising on Facebook subsection to include types of ads with image examples. New content on Ad Placements, Paying for Ads, ad targeting, core audiences, content best practices.Social Media
4/20/19102Focuses on Twitter features and added company profiles, advertising, and ad targeting subsections. added Content Best Practices heading.Social Media
4/20/19103Shift to focus on Pinterest features. changed Pinterest to Business heading and content to Advertising on Pinterest. added Content Best Practices heading.Social Media
4/20/19104Shift to focus on YouTube features. subsections on paying for ads and ad targeting added. added Content Best Practices heading. removed Orabrush and IBM examples.Social Media
4/20/19105Shift to focus on LinkedIn features. subsections on company profiles and advertising on LinkedIn added. added Content Best Practices heading.Social Media
4/20/19106Shift to focus on Instagram features. subsections on company profiles and advertising on Instagram added. added Content Best Practices heading.Social Media
4/20/19107Shift to focus on Snapchat features. subsections on company profiles and advertising on Snapchat added. added Content Best Practices heading.Social Media
8/8/18Updated all resources
8/8/1811Updated contentDigital Marketing Foundations Technical Terms
8/8/1812Added new content and updated imagesWeb Design
8/8/1823Added information about an additional landing page and image of exampleWeb Design
8/8/1831Added new content and updated imageAnalytics
8/8/1834Added content, image, and two new sections on Channel Analysis and SegmentationAnalytics
8/8/1835Updated content and added new paragraph under Attribution ToolsAnalytics
8/8/1841Removed Structured Data sectionOn-Site SEO
8/8/1842Added contentOn-Site SEO
8/8/1843, 4Updated contentOn-Site SEO
8/8/1845, 6New sections and section titles for 5 & 6. (5) Local Search Rankings; (6) Search Engines Past and FutureOn-Site SEO
8/8/1852, 3Updated contentOff-Site SEO
8/8/1862Added Branded Keywords SectionOff-Site SEO
8/8/1863Updated and added contentOff-Site SEO
8/8/1872Updated and restructured section and added new imagesOnline Advertising
8/8/1874Added contentOnline Advertising
8/8/1882Added contentEmail Marketing
8/8/1891, 3Updated content, added content and imagesSocial Media
8/8/189, 101Facebook section now part of Chapter 10 instead of Chapter 9Social Media
8/8/18121, 2Added new chapter on Mobile MarketingMobile Marketing
6/14/1853Added Content on Competitive Research ToolsOff-site SEO
12/27/1763Added New Content on Shopping AdsPaid Search Marketing
12/27/1764Updated Content Flow on Quality ScoresPaid Search Marketing
7/31/172Removed Chapter 2 (search engines)Search Engines
7/31/1745Content from Chapter 2 (search engines moved to Chapter 4 (On-site SEO)Search Engines
7/31/172Added new Chapter 2 on web design including the previous Chapter 7 (landing page optimization)Web Design
7/31/177Removed Chapter 7 (landing page optimization) this content was consolidated into Chapter 2 (Web Design)Landing Page Optimization
7/31/173Chapter 8 (Analytics) is now chapter 3Analytics
7/31/174Chapter 3 (On-site SEO) is now chapter 4On-site SEO
7/31/175Chapter 4 (Off-site SEO) is now chapter 5Off-site SEO
7/31/176Chapter 5 (Paid Search Marketing) is now chapter 6Paid Search Marketing
7/31/177Chapter 6 (Online Advertising) is now chapter 7Online Advertising
7/31/178Chapter 8 (Analytics) was moved to chapter 3. Chapter 9 (Email Marketing) is now chapter 8Email Marketing
7/31/179Chapter 10 (Social Media 1) is now chapter 9Social Media Marketing
7/31/1710Chapter 11 (Social Media 2) is now chapter 10Social Media Marketing
7/31/1711Chapter 12 (Online Reputation Management) is now chapter 11Online Reputation Management
7/31/1713Chapter 13 (Mobile Marketing) has been removed and content was consolidated into chapters 2, 6, and 7Mobile Marketing
7/31/1754Added a new section on content marketingContent Marketing
7/31/176Chapter 6 is now organized into 6 sections instead of 9Paid Search Marketing
7/31/1792Added new content to section 2 Social Media PlanSocial Media Marketing
7/31/1796Added new content on Social ListeningSocial Media Marketing
7/31/1797Added new content on Facebook MessengerSocial Media Marketing
7/31/17106Added a new section on SnapchatSocial Media Marketing
7/31/17105Added new content on Influencer MarketingSocial Media Marketing
12/15/16105Added a paragraph clarifying the virality formula, especially the important threshold of X>1Content Promotion
12/15/169Changed calculation question so the click-through rate was calculated from total delivered emails, not from opensQuiz Update
12/15/1623Add paragraph on mobile first indexingGoogle Updates
12/15/1652Added bullet points about visual sitelinks and click-to-SMS extensionsAd Text Anatomy
12/15/1634Added a sentence about Google labeling sites as non-secure in the paragraph on Poor SecuritySEO
12/15/16132Added a paragraph about bluetooth low energy beacons to the last sectionMobile Marketing
12/15/16131Added a sentence about the Accelerated Mobile Pages project in the Technical Constraints sectionMobile Marketing
8/12/16111Major updates to Twitter's advertising platform included; brief discussion of tweet order (changed in 2016)Twitter Advertising
8/12/16112Minor revision to text to reflect updates about Promoted Pins and Buyable pinsPinterest Advertising
8/12/16113Updated to reflect two new ad types on YouTubeYouTube Advertising
8/12/16114Mention of Microsoft's purchase of LinkedInLinkedIn Advertising
8/12/16115Mention of Instagram's post order (changed in June 2016)Instagram Advertising
8/12/16132Included mention of bumper ads (6-second video ads announced by Google in April 2016)Google Interface
8/12/16132Included mention of accelerated mobile pages and link to information about the Google-backed Accelerated Mobile Project (AMP)Mobile Marketing
8/11/1652Updated information on ad formats to reflect Google's recent changes (no sidebar ads; different ad copy formats)Ad Text Anatomy
8/11/1653Rewritten for streamlining purposes, to update some outdated information (about layout of ads), and more explicit discussion about A/B testing
8/11/1658Updated figures to reflect current look of AdWords interfaceGoogle Interface
8/11/1659Corrected paragraph on exact match (some minor variants can still trigger the ad)Ad Text Anatomy
8/11/1685Re-wrote much of the section for streamlining purposes; added information on data-driven attributionAnalytics
8/10/1623Added information about Hummingbird, Knowledge Graph, and RankBrainSearch Engine Optimization
8/10/1632Added a paragraph about structured data and links (1) to's explanation of it and (2) Google's guidelines for its useSearch Engine Optimization
8/10/1633Added a paragraph about the implications of RankBrain on Google's ability to measure the quality of contentAd Text Anatomy
8/10/1634Added a paragraph about performing well in local searches.Ad Text Anatomy
3/26/1611Added Expert Session with Nathan TurnerSocial Media Marketing
2/25/16Made edits to spelling and grammar errors throughout text
1/27/169, 10Added Expert Session with Larry KimEmail Marketing/Social Media Marketing
9/2/15111Added 3 paragraphs describing Twitters new Partner Audiences and the June 2015 update about "installed app advertising."Twitter Advertising
9/1/1523Added a paragraph and image describing the Knowlege Graphs in the Google SERP's.Search Engine Optimization
8/14/1534Added two paragraphs to the end of the section about two new issues that often cause a site to poorly rank.Search Engine Optimization
7/28/1523Added paragraph about the new Google algorthim update: Pigeon.Search Engine Optimization
7/28/1595This is a new section dedicated to email customer relationship management.Email CRM
7/6/15107Updated the Facebook ad goals. Facebook renamed and added two new ad goals.Facebook Advertising
6/30/15112Added a paragraph at the end of the section about the announcement Pinterest made in June 2015 regarding buyable pins.Pinterest Advertising
6/18/15115Added a new section describing the best practices for performing social media marketing on Instagram.Instagram For Business
5/23/15111Added a paragraph and image describing the new Twitter Cards and how they can be used in promoted tweets.Twitter Advertising
3/11/1552Added two paragraphs and a new image at the end of the section describing "call-only campaign" ads.Ad Text Anatomy
1/8/1513Added chapter on Mobile MarketingMobile Marketing