Fall Stukent Digital Summit 2020 Recap

Stukent Digital Summit is a virtual conference put on three times a year, where higher education instructors come together to gain insight from professors and other industry professionals alike. This year’s Fall Stukent Digital Summit 2020 was hosted by Stukent’s Chief Marketing Officer Trevor Erikson. It featured five educators who supplied the audience with valuable insights ranging from online teaching tips to innovative marketing ideas and advice. Following each presentation, attendees were able to ask questions during the speaker’s Q&A session.

Below are highlights and recordings of each of the presentations. You can sign up for the Spring Stukent Digital Summit 2021 and get information on being a Stukent Digital Summit presenter here.

5 Ways to Keep Your Students Engaged in a Virtual Setting

Kristen Minetti, California State University

In her presentation, Minetti shared her tips and techniques for teaching effectively online. She spoke about different ways teachers can prevent embarrassing online classroom situations, suggesting teachers become familiar with the controls and access they have on their side of online conference apps like Zoom. 

  • Engage students with clear communication
  • Use feedback and grading to connect with students
  • Utilize different tools to help facilitate online learning
  • Use Minetti’s handout to prepare different ways to engage with your students in an online setting

How to Create Diverse Teams in Group Work

Dr. Gabriel Warren, Bemidji State University

Dr. Gabriel Warren spoke about the importance of creating groups with diverse skill sets in online classroom settings. Warren emphasized the importance of preparing students for real-life, professional environments, and one of the best ways to do that in a classroom is to assign group work.

  • Use predetermined group work, allowing students to practice conflict management skills and cooperation 
  • Use Dr. Warren’s group contract handout to facilitate meaningful, responsible group work
  • Create groups that mimic real-world workplaces

How to Teach Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Campaigns Using a Seven-Step Program

Dr. Kai-Yu Wang, Brock University

Dr. Kai-Yu Wang’s presentation focused on his seven steps for effectively teaching marketing. Wang discussed the importance of providing students with the opportunity to work with local businesses.

  • Work with local businesses to give students a valuable learning experience
  • Service-learning projects allow students to solve problems unique to marketing
  • Teach students to use conduct keyword research
  • Utilize Dr. Wang’s project letters handout to reach out to local businesses

How to Implement a Social Media Marketing Trend Exercise Using Facebook Live

Dr. Alexa Fox, University of Akron

Dr. Alexa Fox spoke about new social media trends and how professors can teach students about a rapidly updating industry. Fox discussed different platforms teachers could use to give students real-world social media marketing experience.

  • Use a Facebook Live event as a way to facilitate a trend-analysis lesson
  • Utilize social media to teach relationship management with companies
  • Allow students to experience the challenges of hosting a live stream
  • Review Dr. Fox’s assignment details via her “What’s New in Social” handout

Building a Comprehensive SEO Strategy

Steve Wiideman, Wiideman Consulting Group

Steve Wiideman spoke about the importance of a comprehensive SEO understanding. Wiideman spoke about how websites rank in search engines and how results can become more relevant and searchable.

  • Use SEO’s to optimize search engine results
  • Understand the importance of website accessibility 
  • Discover the benefits of keyword research and optimization 
  • Better understand Wiideman’s SEO strategy with his “Components of an SEO Strategy” handout 

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