Digital Marketing Boost: Elevate Your Digital Marketing Program

The world of digital marketing evolves with technology, culture, and current affairs. Over the last few years, marketers have become increasingly reliant on digital marketing tactics to reach their audiences. And if you’re a busy educator, staying abreast of the marketing industry’s rapidly changing trends can be a challenge. 

That’s why Stukent kicked off the new year with the Digital Marketing Boost webinar, a one-day event that featured speakers from Canva, HubSpot, and SEReS University. During Digital Marketing Boost, speakers shared insights on upcoming digital marketing trends, best practices for building successful marketing programs, and instructions on how to incorporate Canva into a marketing curriculum. 

Fernand Zuili: Strengthening Your Digital Marketing Program

Our first speaker, Fernand Zuili, presented a model for innovative, modern digital marketing programs. Zuili is a professor of marketing at SEReS University in Querétaro, Mexico. SEReS University uses Stukent’s courseware and simulations to train marketing students in nine different languages, including Spanish, American English, German, and Chinese. 

What sets SEReS University’s program apart? Its versatility. SEReS University does not employ a traditional semester system, opting instead for a flexible schedule that allows prospective students to start a master’s program at one of many times throughout the year. Stukent’s robust, up-to-date courseware allows SEReS University to offer a world-class education catered to students’ timetables.

The substance of Zuili’s marketing programs is as important as their structure. In addition to Stukent’s courseware and simulations, Zuili uses two different marketing frameworks in his curricula. The first is growth hacking, which is based on Sean Ellis and Morgan Brown’s 2017 book “Hacking Growth.” According to Zuili, modern marketers should bring their insights to sales and product development, so he teaches his students to experiment with new products and marketing campaigns.

The second framework Zuili uses is Kotler’s Marketing 5.0, which stresses the importance of making data-driven decisions in marketing. 

To learn more about SEReS University and read a recap of Fernand Zuili’s remarks, visit Strengthen Your Digital Marketing Program.

Nathan Singer: Digital Marketing Trends In 2022

In the second session, Nathan Singer, Senior Corporate Success Manager at HubSpot, shared intriguing insights into upcoming digital marketing trends. Singer named five trends that are emerging or evolving in 2022: conversational marketing, short-form video, influencer marketing, freemium products, and touchless payments.

Singer focused on one essential theme: In today’s environment, marketers must be more agile than ever. It isn’t always possible to know where a prospect stands in the sales funnel, so a savvy marketer needs to create authentic, customer-centric messaging that meets customers where they are. Conversational marketing does just that — it allows marketers to have substantive, AI-driven conversations with consumers via chatbots. Not only does conversational marketing help to determine a customer’s needs, but it also facilitates a customer’s journey through the sales funnel. 

In 2022, more marketers are investing in short-form video and influencer marketing. With the explosive growth of platforms such as TikTok, marketing departments can use short-form videos to create engaging content on the fly. Marketers are also leveraging the authority of multiple micro-influencers in niche markets, which can return a higher ROI than a single celebrity influencer might. 

Finally, Singer has seen an increase in the use of touchless payments, particularly in the B2B space, and a rise in the popularity of freemium products instead of free trials.

To learn more about HubSpot and read a recap of Nathan Singer’s remarks, visit Digital Marketing Trends in 2022.

Jason Wilmot: Canva For The Marketing Classroom

In the final presentation of the day, Jason Wilmot introduced Canva’s applications for marketing education. Whether you’re in the classroom or the boardroom, Canva has the tools to make everyone look like a pro. Best of all, Canva is a freemium platform that gives educators and students free access to its powerful suite of tools.

Canva places the entire design ecosystem into one simple platform. With millions of stock photos, illustrations, and design templates, Canva takes care of the design elements so that students and educators can focus on what’s most important: their marketing tactics.

Wilmot shared his favorite Canva elements for the classroom, including PDF and video editing, YouTube and Google integration, and eye-catching chart tools. Educators and students can use Canva to create presentations, infographics, videos, digital and print posters, newsletters, comic strips, storyboards, and more. Everyone has the power to create with Canva.

To learn more about Canva and to read a recap of Jason Wilmot’s remarks, visit Canva for the Classroom.

So, whether you’re looking to keep up with the industry’s latest trends, build a better marketing program, or utilize robust visual tools, Stukent is here to help you stay current!

“Digital Marketing Boost: Elevate Your Digital Marketing Program” was a one-day event held on January 21, 2022. This Stukent webinar focused on actionable, useful tips and tools for marketing educators. It featured expert speakers from SEReS University, HubSpot, and Canva. You can access the entire webinar, sample assignments, and more on the webinar homepage.

To learn more about Stukent’s revolutionary courseware and simulations, or to get free instructor access to our digital marketing products, visit our website.

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