{ANNOUNCEMENT} Nielsen’s Commspoint Influence Tool Now Available For Academia

We strongly believe that students need more access to industry tools.

Today, we have exciting news. We have teamed up with the Pointlogic Commspoint Influence tool, by Nielsen to help give students industry tools they need.

Reading about how to do something is not the same as having hands on experience. Pilots don’t fly without first practicing in simulators, doctors don’t do surgery without first practicing on cadavers, and media planning students should have access to the tools and training they will need before they enter the workforce.

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Why Use the Commspoint Influence Tool, by Nielsen, for Your Media Planning Class?

Commspoint Influence is a strategic planning solution that helps brands and their agencies identify the optimal communication channel mix for their goods and services.

The Commspoint system uses extensive consumer and media expert surveys, as well as the latest data analytics techniques to isolate the best contact points for clients’ campaigns. Commspoint understands media capabilities, media usage probabilities, spot duplication patterns, reach and frequency, costs and more, which the software can translate into influence.

In other words, brands can see how communications are changing behavior, preference, and perceptions towards their product categories.

Here at Stukent, we believe in a perfect pedagogy that includes these three things:

  1. Academic text written by brilliant authors
  2. Video lectures by industry experts
  3. Hands-on learning through simulations, projects, and interactive assignments

Beth Donnelly EganWe suggest combining Commspoint Influence with the Media Planning Essentials textbook authored by Beth Egan from Syracuse. Beth is a long-time user of the tool and has organized textbook materials to go hand-in-hand with the tool.

When asked why she feels strongly about bundling both Commspoint Influence with Media Planning Essentials, Beth replied, “This the first ever digital-first communications planning textbook that teaches students how to think about planning from a multi-channel perspective through the use of the software tool actually used in the industry today.”


Huge Benefits For Students

  • Students get access to the leading media channel planning optimizer used in the industry
  • Students will gain hands-on experience that will best prepare them with the actual skills they will use on the job
  • Students get access to the Nielsen data set for just $79.99 – Agencies pay thousands for this software
  • Videos lectures with industry experts on relevant subject matter
  • Resume builder for students
  • PLUS more!

Commspoint Influence Features

  • Work at respondent level and create custom targets quickly and easily
  • Combine Pointlogic data with industry sources through the ability to implement fusions with any dataset
  • Ability to work with 60+ communication channels from traditional to digital and spanning paid, owned and earned
  • Features that support on the fly creation of custom channels that are fully integrated into the rest of the tool
  • Reach and frequency curves customized for all media and editable within a project
  • Effect curves and frequency guidelines within every project
  • Insights to support strategic planning from channel ranks to correspondence maps
  • Powerful optimization engines that can handle a wide range of constraints and guard rails


Want to review the tool?

No problem! Simply request access below and we’ll create an instructor account for you.

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