April 2020 Newsletter


Hi, all!

Having had A LOT more time at home with my kids recently, my wife suggested that we watch old classics that we hadn’t watched since she and I were children.

She pulled out “Pollyanna”! I didn’t even really remember the story. Some may recall that Pollyanna is a very positive character and known for playing “The Glad Game.” To play the game, you list reasons you can be glad, even when things aren’t going your way. Lately, there have been so many things to be sad or disappointed about. Here are some reasons that I think we, as educators, can be glad:

1.) We have digital technology that can help us reach students safely.
2.) We usually see more funds and investments put toward education when the economy suffers.
3.) We teach subjects and skills that will help students when they face economic downturns later in their lives.
4.) We have healthcare providers anxious and willing to do their part to overcome this crisis.
5.) We have ways to stay connected while being physically apart.

My personal list of things that make me glad is much longer. Take a second and make a list of what makes you glad, and stay well, my friends!

– Stu


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