91 Students Racked Up 509 Digital Marketing Certificates in One Semester

An impressive new record has been set at Queen’s University in Canada this semester.

91 of Professor John Pliniussen‘s marketing students started off the semester with a mission to get as many digital marketing certificates as they could. By the end of the semester, 91 of the students had completed 123 varying Google Ads and/or Analytics certificates. Those same students completed 385 certificates from Facebook. Two of them went the extra mile and also became Hubspot certified.

If we did the math right, that brings the total certificates earned to 509! It would be quite impressive for 509 students to each get one certificate. When we heard that the 91 students had earned over 5 certificates, on average, in one semester, we decided that was worth some extra recognition here on the blog!

Queens University Students Land 509 Digital Marketing Certificates
Recognition board for Professor John Pliniussen’s students at Queen’s University

We asked John if he felt like using the Stukent courseware was helpful in preparing his students for the simulation. Rather than respond in his own words, he sent the following to his student:

Email from Professor to Student
#coolprof Notice the fun subject line?

Here is how the student responded:

Pretty cool she says Stukent helped. Cooler to see how she and her professor have such a connection.

At Stukent we are always encouraging instructors to push students to use the simulation for hands-on practice, and then to follow that with real world projects and certifications from industry tools and platforms.

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Do you know of other schools and/or instructors doing this sort of thing? Let us know about it!

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