Announcing New Certificates for Mimic Pro Simulations

Knowledge isn’t everything.

I like to think I know a lot (just ask my family), and you are probably quite knowledgeable yourself. But all of the knowledge in the world won’t convince anyone to hire you unless you have proof that you are competent at what you do.

In our society today, this proof comes in the form of degrees, experience, and certifications.

Your students understand this. They come to your school to get a degree; they use internships and simulations to get experience.

But your students still need some solid proof which they can share with companies to prove they have what it takes.

This is where Stukent certificates come in:

Introducing the Mimic Pro Certificate of Completion!

Stukent now offers beautiful digital certificates to students who complete one of our digital marketing simulations, Mimic Pro or Mimic Intro.

Students will be able to instantly show their value to potential employers and stand out from the competition with the skills on the certificate.

Stukent’s certificates are not like traditional certificates that are forgotten and stuffed into a folder, never to be seen again.

Our certificates can always be quickly found on the first page of the student’s account, and can easily be shared to Twitter, Linkedin, and other social media.



Why should students get Stukent certified?

  1. They will be better prepared to land a great job in digital marketing.
  2. They will stand out from other candidates.
  3. It will take their resume to the next level.
  4. They can easily show their skills to their followers on Linkedin and Twitter.
  5. Their employer will easily be able to see which skills match the company’s needs.

What does the certificate include?

  1. Buttons to share the certificate on social networks
  2. Easy access at
  3. Date of completion
  4. Relevant skills clearly outlined
  5. Description of skills learned in the simulation

 How can students get these certificates?

These certificates are available to all students who complete one of Stukent’s digital marketing simulations, Mimic Pro or Mimic Intro.

If you are interested in getting your students Stukent-certified, click below to talk with someone at Stukent. You’ll see how a Stukent simulation can save you hours of course prep and help your students become amazing digital marketers.




If a student has already completed Mimic Pro or Mimic Intro this year, they can go to their account and see it right now. Other students will see it as soon as they finish the simulation.

This is just the beginning for certificates at Stukent. We want students to be able to showcase their skills in social media marketing too. Certificates for our Mimic Social simulation are coming soon!





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